Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Runs from June 1 - Sept. 15, 2007

THE MINI CONTEST Runs from July 15 - July 20 (midnight), 2007

I'd like a link to your first blog post and your 100th (if you have one yet). If you don't have a blog, then give a link to the first memorable post that made you start reading blogs! The prize will be some mystery yarn and some baubles I've been making. One entry per person!

Wow, 100. I can't believe I've posted that much already. I only started this thing in March! Here's a link to my first post. I've been reading all of the entry posts I've already received and it seems to be a running theme. Either there's apologies ("I'm starting a blog. I know, I know, like we need more blogs...") or restarts ("I've tried this before but let's give it another go"). My first post has a little of both!

Things I've learned so far:

a) bloggers are NOT "imaginary friends", as my husband likes to call them. I've met several and they are wonderful!

b) bloggers are very helpful for life/knitting/computer tips and advice

c) some bloggers are thoughtless and mean because, apparently absence (and anonymity) make the heart grow colder (hasn't happened to me yet, but I've read about it)

d) I love writing (wait, I already knew that one)
I still have a lot of cleaning of the basement and the garage before the inlaws get here on Sat., so that's all for now!
I leave you with some yarn porn...
Plucky Knitter Sock Yarn - Thistle

And a shot or two of our little one. (The lights weren't on, it's just the flash of the camera making it so bright.) We went to check on the boys before bed and when we went to Davie's room this is what we saw...

Upon further inspection....
Our little guys love books!
Cleaning away, Ruth!


uberstrickenfrau said...

Awww, your baby is too cute! That was a good first blog, now we have solved the mystery of your name!!!!!hahahah

Tammy said...

My first http://tammyknits.blogspot.com/2006/07/getting-started_17.html

My 100th - it's there somewhere. But I did notice when I looked at my first that today is my 1 year Blobiversary!

Happy 100th

Diane said...

How adorable! A love of books is such a great thing.

Meg said...

Great idea! Here's my first post and my hundredth.
Congratulations on your century!

WandaWoman said...

Ha, well, I'm always down with a good contest. First post: http://wandawomanknits.blogspot.com/2005_03_01_archive.html
100th post: http://wandawomanknits.blogspot.com/2006/05/saga-of-blue-gable-or-why-does-my.html

Anonymous said...

felicitations on your 100th! I celebrated the 1000th comment a while ago by treating someone to a sockfish:

my first: http://www.gasthuis.net/bloggy/?m=20050306
I had a blog before that, but decided to start a new and improved version. this entry actually shows my first sock in progress.

my 100th:
has no knitting content. we went to a museum that day.

both are in Dutch, sorry (if) you can't read it. I have switched to english recently and am enjoying the company of all my new imaginary friends :)

yep, blogs are fun. I enjoy reading so many of them on an almost daily basis.

Romi said...

Woo! Congratulations!

My first:

My 100th:

Melissa said...

The first post:

The 100th post: http://meliabella.wordpress.com/2007/07/15/strip-5-of-the-afghan/


che said...

Congrats again and goood observation! I blame blogger for any mistakes that may have incurred while I was on there for two years! hahah...

And your baby is adorable!