Sunday, July 8, 2007

Tour De France

I've joined the Tour de France KAL.

I'm doing the Baudelaire socks from As usual, jumping in way over my head with both feet (and some DPN's). Story of my life!

OK, first toe-up socks, first figure 8 cast-on, first lace socks, first short row heel, going to attempt to figure out magic loop knitting, too!

sigh. I've got issues.

I'll have small, daily updates since, if I update every day, I'm entered in prize contests with the KAL!

Vive la France, Ruth!


Probably Jane said...

Hello fellow polka dot jersey. Glad someone else is going in over their head!

I'm sure if we look out for each other we'll be fine.

knitnzu said...

Those socks look like fun. I did my first toe up figure eight short row heel socks on the train trip. The kiddo lifted the poem from a Calvin and Hobbes book, with some modifications. I'm knitting a NOVELTY (gag) yarn project. It wasn't even on my radar...will post about it soon.

Chris said...

LOL! Go! Heh, no earthly way I'll update every day on the progress of my *yawn* socks. :)

uberstrickenfrau said...

Your alot braver than I, I thought maybe a bike seat cover, but, NAAAAHHHHH. WHen you ride by, I'll squirt water on you.You know, to cool you off, 'cuz I think your going to be smokin.