Friday, October 25, 2013

G is for Glass

I found a store on etsy that is entirely devoted to glass bottles.  It's here.  This person has 1533 items in their store!   A whole store!  They are mainly vintage bottles - soda, apothecary, milk.  Where do they find them all?!

I have spoken many times about my hoarder tendencies.  One of the things I would love to collect would be vintage bottles.  Apothecary, soda, maybe even some milk bottles. 

I also love those electricity glass thingies.  Like these:
Instead, I currently collect yarn.  Here's the picture I posted recently...
That's my Wall 'O Yarn. 

On the left (and these are bins only - the bags are a whole 'nother story), the bottom is a 45 gallon bin with all my Aran through Bulky weight.  Above that, I have 25 gallon bin of Felting Wool, 25 gallon bin of Cotton, and 25 gallon bin of novelty yarn that I am willing to sell (currently that novelty is waiting it's turn to be made in to pet beds).

In the middle, we have a 45 gallon grey bin of Non-Sock Fingering/Sport/DK/Worsted yarn.  Above that on the left, there's 10 gallon bin of novelty that I actually have plans for, 15 gallon bin of Kitchen Cotton, and a little shoe-box bin of Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn.  On the right, we have 15 gallon bin of sock kits (that's actual kits and sock yarn that's already wound in to cakes).  Above that, a 20 gallon bin that is ALL WIPs (or as I call it the Bin of Shame, or sometimes the Bin of No Return).  On top of that I have a 10 gallon bin of Knit Me Next!! (Or, as I like to call it, Future WIPs and UFOs.)

On the right, the 40 gallon grey bin of roughly 200 skeins of Sock yarn.  Over that, we have a 15 gallon bin of Malabrigo yarn, a 25 gallon bin of Acrylicrap (mostly used in ami's), a 25 gallon bin of "Good" Acrylic (how much am I in love with Berocco Vintage?!), and a 25 gallon bin of yarn waiting to be dyed.

S.A.B.L.E. much?

I'm working my way through the Bulky lately.   It's so seductive in it's ability to be a full sweater within a very short time!!  I just finished Comfortable Cables.  I haven't taken any pic's of it yet, but soon, my lovelies, soon.....

Happily drowning in yarn, Ruth!