Monday, June 18, 2007

1 Down, 199 To Go

Runs June 1 - September 15

Becky Knits sent the first helmet liner! Here's pic's of all the prizes. Becky, you get to pick which prize you'd like to have...

Fearless Fibers Sock Yarn: Yarn details: This is a top quality 100% SUPERWASH merino wool sock weight yarn. The gauge is 32 to 38 stitches to 4 inches on US #0-2 needles. The yarn was created and stored in a smoke-free/pet-free environment.This yarn comes in an extra-large 4-ounce skein, which is plenty of yarn for just about any pair of socks imaginable, including a pair of knee-socks or a pair socks for a very large man's foot!


Sand and Sun

Wisteria (This one's out of the running. Congrat's Becky!)

Duck Season (this is DK weight, I believe)

Knit 2 Together book

Some lovely handspun I scored on ebay.
Neither of these crappy photos does the colors justice. They are lovely spring greens/yellows/blues. Very light and pretty colors. The seller described the yarn thusly...
"four skeins of my hand spun merino wool yarn. I helped shear this sheep, and washed the wool, carded it, dyed it with Kool-Aid, and spun it and plied it. It is between a fingering and sport weight. The colors are delicate, blue and yellowish green.There are about 350 yards here, enough for socks or a wide lace scarf. Since it is hand spun the thickness of the yarn is not perfectly even."
(Did I just say "thusly"?? Is that even a word?)

This fantastic bag. I have one and found another one on ebay for this contest. It's the perfect size for knitting projects and the pockets on the front are quite handy! I am using mine as my regular purse now (of course, complete with a knitting project at all times!). It's chocolate brown and pink.

Another great project bag.
APPROX. DIMENSIONS :Laying Flat:13 x 10 x 3
APPROX. STRAP DROP :Built in Handle

Another great book!

Let me know what you decide. Email me at Ruth AT 5elementknitr DOT com and give me your selection and your address. And thanks again for the great helmet liner!

On to Massage Monday:

How's your desk set-up? Are you back in your chair or on the edge of the seat? Are you feet able to touch the ground? (I'm 5'2" so that is usually a problem for me.) If you are at the edge of your seat, your back is in a constant state of contraction the whole time as it is keeping you from falling over. Bring a small throw pillow or a towel from home and fill the space. Your back will realize it can relax and you can eventually work your way back into your chair. I hate those pre-made lumbar supports. Every body is different and they are not adjustable. Besides, I'm all about the cheap and free and most everyone has throw pillows and towels at home.

As for not touching the ground, there are many small stools available for this. There's even this one or this one. Or, again, another throw pillow on the floor!

Please spread the word about my contest!
Thanks, Ruth!


sophanne said...

woo hoo!

I'll take the wisteria and will get it together and try to make it 198 (though one prize is plenty for this helmet knitter) My email is blts AT alltel DOT net- send an email and I'll send my address.

This was an easy knit for a good cause- let's get going with those liners.

Throws Like A Girl said...

Aw man. That was going to be me. All kidding aside, congrats BeckyKnits! I did finally get some yarn today so I will be casting on this afternoon. :)