Monday, July 9, 2007

How Nice For Us

Uberstrickenfrau sent me an excellent package! A few vintage knitting mags and on the back of one was this ad. A Boye for every girl. Indeed. Cause we all know how much every girl needs a boy! Ah, the sixties.

The full size picture shows four generations of women doing different needle crafts. What a nice thought. Too bad they had to go and insult these women with the slogan.

Here's more of what was in the package...

This one's the front of the ad

Here's the package as a whole. She included some squirt guns and some candy bars with a note that said I could distribute them among the kids (whoever I decided they were)...

More mag's....

This lovely card

And this leaflet...

With a suggestion for a KAL

Did you notice the prices??

The other mags range from 65 cents to $1.25 (for 65 patterns!). What fun! I was showing them to Dave and he was, of course, less then impressed. What does he know!

I also got a helmet-liner in the package! Yay! And another one from No More Sweaters! Good job, friends! Keep 'em coming.

The Contest. The Prizes.

Tour De France update: I didn't stitch a bit yesterday. On anything. sigh. On Saturday, I attempted the Figure Eight Cast On. Three times. You're supposed to have 8 stitches on each needle. I finally ended up with 8 on one needle and 7 on the other. I just added a stitch and kept going. Today, I'm going to switch them from the DPN's to a circular and attempt Magic Loop.

Massage Monday:
Stand next to an empty wall. You want your shoulder perpendicular to and about 4" away from the wall. Put your arm straight out behind you, with your palm flat on the wall. Turn your body away from the wall. You'll feel the stretch opening up your chest muscles. If you put your hand in a karate chop (palm down, thumb against the wall) instead of flat against the wall, it's the only stretch I've ever found that specifically stretches the bicep. You can also put your arm straight up, palm against the wall and slide your palm along the wall behind your body til it's pointing down. Rinse, repeat on the other side. If the stretch is too much, step a little further away from the wall, if it's not enough, get closer. Enjoy!

3 helmet-liners down, 197 to go, Ruth!


Chris said...

Oh, that is a classic ad! Thanks for sharing. I haven't done the figure-8 cast on, but for the one I use (linked in my sidebar), the very last stitch on the 2nd needle requires some imagination to create. :)

knitnzu said...

Ack! I love old pukey knitting ads and patterns! And some of the patterns are actually good (but not that green plaid block skirt ack ack ack), I kinda like the fez. ONLY 3 liners? OK, it's next on my project list, and now that Dulaan is sent off it'll be a good in between project (after this novelty thing-gift for mom, so can't post until I send it to her). So, karate chop palm up? I am sitting here playing around, really none of these is a biceps stretch? Guess not! Do you know this one... Stand with both hands in front of you, palms up as though you were offering a bowl to somebody. Imagine that you have a plate of rice (or water or actually go get a plastic one). With your palm up the whole time, take one hand and bring it out to your side, reach behind you and raise your arm, then you have to lean away from that arm as you bring the arm higher and further behind, over your head, and as far to the other side as you can (still palm up). It should be 'upside down' now, bring it back out to the side, behind, bend at your elbow to bring it back to the front and to the starting position. It's easy to do but hard to describe. Repeat the other side. You can also go the other way, under and back first. It feels good if you really reach and stretch it out.

Riggwelter said...

Oh! I adore old fashioned patterns, they're just fantastic.

The Figure 8 cast on is my favourite, though it does take some getting used to. Good luck with the Magic Loop, I've just figured that one out myself and it's not as complicated as it sounds.

kmkat said...

Okay, helmet liner(s) officially on the to-knit list. I just did some stash reorg and I think I have exactly the yarn I need. Woot!

Rachel said...

I had to research this one and found that BOYE is a brand of knitting and crochet needles. Know that we know that, I have to say...this ad ROCKS!