Monday, March 12, 2007

A New Beginning

I started a blog awhile ago and will be transfering those postings to this one a little at a time. The thing with the old blog postings is this - it was attatched to a website that has yet to be built and even tho the website wasn't up I thought the blog was still out there in the ether. Obviously, I know nothing about computers! Here's the last post on the old blog

"Title: Tech Please Category: Tippa Tuesday

OK. Seriously. If you're going to have a blog, you might want to check if it's actually hitting the ether. I have about 20 entries and I was thinking they were out there the whole time! NOT SO! How lame am I??? I will be hiring a web designer soon and will resume my sporadic blog life!"

I posted that one on November 28/06. The category is Tippa Tuesday because I will be trying to give hints and tips on Tuesdays.

Here's the first post of my last blog attempt:

"Title: Pop the Cherry"

"So here is my very first entry in a blog. I feel so trendy (i.e. lame). I will not attempt to be witty or angry or anything but myself (apparently I am neither witty or angry!). Let's start with who I am. No, no, no, that will take too long. My name is Ruth, that is sufficient for now. How about let's start with what I'm working on. How much time do we have?
I'm working on Twisted Cherries from (my favorite e-zine!) and I'm using Berroco Foliage in anemone pink. I'm attempting it for Pearl-McPhee's knitting olympics but I don't think I'll place.
Also, on needles: Bamboozle (also from knitty), a shrug I'm designing (for knitty), just finished my first cable sweater (figure eight from an Interweave Knits) but I need to put the two pieces together (need to learn how to do that).
That's good for now. This will be an interesting experiment!"
Posted 2.18.06.

Here's an update on those projects. Bamboozle and the shrug are in the same place they were a year ago! (yikes). I didn't finish the Twisted Cherries in time for the Yarn Harlot gold but I did finish it. I've worn it a couple of times and I'm going to pull out the bottom ribbing, add a few more inches to the length and redo the ribbing. (I found an extra skein in my stash!) The cable shell also got put together (picture pending) and I love it!

One of my goals for this year are to finish my WIPs (I'm trying to stick to aswiminknits rule of only 5 wip's at a time). I just pulled out my first attempt at a sweater ever. It was "Top Secret" the sweater on the cover of the first issue of knitty. I loved it at the time but in the past few years I've been knitting (started June 04), I've moved from roomy to fitted sweaters as my preference. Now I'm wondering what to do with the yarn because I still like it!
Another goal is to stick to the stashbuster rule that's going on this year. I broke it once so far to get a skein of yarn for the one-skein scarf from Happy Hooker.

That's all for now!

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