Thursday, April 5, 2012

G is for Gretzky

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While we didn't actually see the greatest hockey player of all time, we did take the boys to a professional hockey game in February. It was actually the first pro-hockey game for Dave and I as well!

I've been to tons of hockey games. When I was a kid, our dad used to get us season tickets to the Fresno Falcons. When I was stationed in Germany, I dated a guy (another soldier) that was on the previous American Olympic Hockey team (such a nice ass!). When I lived in Tucson, I went to several of the Gila Monsters' home games (it was a very short-lived semi-pro team). I have never been to a pro game.

Dave got upper deck tix for fairly cheap off Craig's list. We ate at a nice little fast-casual Italian place nearby and we had a great time at the game! We got to watch the Colorado Avalanche cream the Anaheim Ducks. We even saw Dave Mustaine from Megadeath! (On the jumbo-tron, but he was there!)

As we were leaving, T said, "I want to play hockey!" I said, "I don't know, T. It's really expensive! There's all this equipment involved and it's really rough. I mean, you see how hard they get hit! Let's stick with basketball for now, ok? For that you only need a ball, some sneakers, and shorts!"
T said, "And a shirt with no sleeves!"

We forgot the camera (as usual) but since I posted a pic of T when he lost his front teeth in a past Alphabet Soup post called Hockey, here's a pic of D2 who has also, finally, lost his front choppers. Jeez, the kid's almost 9!

And, yes, his hair is quite long. He's been growing it for a year now. He got it in his head that he wants to participate in his school's Locks of Love thing. I think once he realized how much it irritated Dave (and Dave's mom can't seem to get over it either), it was just a bonus. I think he looks like a kid from the '70s. I really like it on him! The MIL says he's too pretty to have hair that long. And every time we go out to eat, the waitstaff always think he's a girl. D2's a bit over it now, but he's still sticking it out. Long hair (as I am far too aware) is a pain in the ass. The Locks of Love thing is happening next month and there's supposed to be a news crew there, so if he gets on TV, I'll let y'all know.

Looking into season tickets for next year, Ruth!