Monday, July 16, 2007


Flikr - I hate thee.

Does anyone know how to upload a batch of pic's to Flickr?? I spent an hour on Friday photographing all the yarn I have that's not organized in bins. Then I spent an hour and a half trying to figure out Flickr!! (Thanks Throws for the help and sympathetic ear. We still couldn't find how to upload a batch, though. sigh.) So far, I've found that you can drag/drop pic's, but only one at a time! That way lies madness, friends. I'm doing this so I can organize my stash on Ravelry. Once I got the pic's on Flikr and named them all, the Ravelry part its pretty fast and easy. But still, the whole time, during the whole process, all I could think was this small mantra:

I could be knitting now. I could be knitting now.

The good news is: Holy crap, I've got lots of yarn!!
The bad news is: Holy crap, I've got lots of yarn!!
The good news for others is:
a) my summer stash swap partner is going to get hooked UP
b) I'm having a mini-contest!

My next post will be my 100th!!

Send me a link to your 1st and (if you have one) your 100th post and I will enter you in a drawing for some mystery yarn and some bonus little baubles I've been playing with making. (If there's some type of yarn you are completely opposed to, let me know in your comment.) If you don't have a blog, send me a link to the first really memorable blogpost you remember that got you into reading blogs. This contest will close on Friday, July 20, 2007 at midnight. I will be picking a random number (actually, I'll have the boys each pick a number, then I'll add them together and divide by 3). (Just kidding!) If I get over 50 entries, I'll pick two numbers. (One entry per person.)

Here's an update on my slow TDF KAL socks...

Pattern: Baudelaire ( Yarn: Claudia Handpaints Butter Pecan
Needle: Size 1 Addi Turbo

Massage Monday: short and sweet today, gotta give my life this week to Flikr and Ravelry (the inlaws leave Tucson, driving out here starting Thursday).

Sit in an unsoft chair (desk chair/dining chair, that sort of thing). Grab the edge of the seat between your knees with both hands. Round you shoulders and pull on the seat. This stretches your midback quite nicely.

On to my latest time-suck, Ruth!


Throws Like A Girl said...

Am I first? Woo!

Bummer about the Flickr thing. If I have some time today I'll look at it too. ;)

nishanna said...

my first knitting blog post was:

and my 100th was

go figure it was a recipe and not knitting content.

I was a little peeved that they don't provide a link to sets and collections. Flickr is better than most but still can get annoying.

Chris said...

Hmm, a bit hard to be sure of my 100th, so I'll just try to be close. First.
Roughly #100.

uberstrickenfrau said...

Here's the first:

And I haven't got to 100 yet :o)

kmkat said...

Here's #1:
and here's #100 (I think; Typepad doesn't number them):

knitnzu said...

Yeah, that whole flicker thing and spending too much time on ravelry... I've been on for a bit, but haven't spent any time there on my account, though I have browsed some patterns. My regular blogging is a big enough time suck! Here's my first knitting post, (I never did get to the day of the dead dolls), to see if I have 100, wow, I have OVER 100!, here's 100, it was recent, from the trip out west, I really love your message monday stretches! I share them around the office. Oh, and the pkg is off, I went back and got your address off the contest page, I was just too excited and had to let you know (before I looked!).

Nell said...

Sorry about your flickr woes. I don't know how to do it any faster. Except, maybe have a drink.

I love the butter pecan yarn. And the Baudelaire pattern is great. Just really slow. At least for me.

--Deb said...

Congratulations on your milestone!

My first (real) blog post:

My 100th--so far as I can tell:

V said...

That's what I ALWAYS wonder about Ravelry (since I'm not cool enough to KNOW yet)...I'm sure its addictive, but I really think I'd sit there thinking about how I could be knitting!

Eee gads...first're not going to read these are you?

And the 100th...I had just complete the Knitting Olympics!

Anonymous said...

My first post:

My 100th:

Happy 100 to you!

Pixie said...

First Post:

100th Post:

Flickr has a downloadable program that allows you to batch upload from your harddrive. It also allows you to set tags at the time of upload and specify what album the photos will load into.

SheepsPyjamas said...

Woot, a contest!
My first was:
(yes, I'm still a newby!) and my hundredth, well, I'll tell you by way of a contest of mine own when I get there! :*)

Anonymous said...

Fun contest! It made me look back and I didn't realize I made that many posts! I'll use my current blog so my first is:
And my 100th:

ck said...

What a fun idea! The first is here: (soooooooo creative) and the 100th is here: (which you will probably find pretty amusing)

Clare & Simon said...

My first knitting blog post was:

I was worried it was going to be something terrible, but it had knitting content. And I still love that hat! And congrats on your 100th post! I haven't made it that far yet.

Heide said...

This is a link to my first post on this blog:

I've only had 74 entries on it, but my previous knitting blog
was used for several years.

Congratulations on your 100th post! Flickr bites... hence the silly, random images on my sidebar courtesy of flickr.

Victoria said...

this was my first post...almost a year ago

and this was my 100th:

i hadn't realized i had gone over a hundred lol...surprised

Em said...

My first knitting blog-post is here: Em's first post

I haven't yet hit the 100-post mark, but I'm sure it won't be too far away!

ck said...

Forgot to batch options here:

pigbook1 said...


Diane said...

I haven't played around with flickr yet; too many other things I can't figure out so I don't need another one to make me feel too old to figure stuff out. lol

catsmum said...


sophanne said...

Hey- I'm home! Still having a contest?

Here's my first post and here's my hundreth. Cool idea for a contest. I can't wait until I have more time to check out the entries!

Kenyetta said...

I think I got it now.
First post
100th post

Stacy said...

Flyin' Needles is my blog. My first post is pretty boring. My 100th post, by chance, has nothing but a funny-looking cloud on a Saturday Sky. So, I give you my almost-hundredth post, with actual knitting content(tm).

It's funny - I blew by my 100th post last month without realizing it. Thanks for the contest! :)

Eve said...

I have a program called "Flickr Uploadr" that's really useful. I think that's the one pixie (of course it would be her :) ) was referring to. It also lets you make batch tags, which is awesome! Unfortunately, you can't make batch titles, which is only annoying if you're uploading 20 tutorial pics like I have to do this morning :(

My blog platform is Wordpress, so I wasn't sure how to figure out which post was my 100th. I have an idea, though! Here's my first:

And here's my 100th-ish-I-think.

Eve said...

I should have realized it didn't automatically make links. Here's my first and hundredth.

Anonymous said...

woo, contest! Here's a link to my first:

and 100th:

pensivefrog (at) gmail , com

Susan said...

Here's my first entry:

here's my 100th:

(It's called Blechidote. Scroll down a bit and you'll see it.)

Love the sock!

Criosa said...

the post that started it all:

100th post:

have you tried using the flickr uploader tool? it's a thing you download and then you drag&drop your pics to it and click upload. you can give the lot a few tags, but I think you need to edit individually if you want more detailed descriptions. I don't put descriptions on most of mine, so I might be wrong on that part.

Turtle said...

I am still activly building my blog...i am so slow , for some reason i think i am making it more difficult than it really is! LOL.

so the first post is:

lol, working on getting there!

che said...

Flickr can be a stinker! If you still need the help let me know and Ill walk you through it, k?