Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Can I Get That In Writing?

Things the boys have said over the past two weeks that I would love to get in writing or on video tape to show them when they are teenagers:

Trevor: I want to do the dishes!! Why can't I?!
Me: When you're a little older, honey.

Trevor: (Upon finding our swiffer duster thingy) OOOH! Davis, let's dust the house!!
Davis: Yea! Me first, me first!

Trevor: Mom, can I do my homework? (We get him these workbooks from Cosco and he begs us to work in them)

Davis: I like being a pretty girl! (The Star Wars II Lego video game, he likes being Princess Leia. This one just makes me laugh. He's our little tough boy so it's extra funny for us.)

Trevor: You're the best mom. I'll never leave you!
I explained that he would and it was OK and normal, that people grow up and go to college and make families of their own. I didn't say, "When you're 18, we're going to break your plate!" (That's something Dave and I joke about.) I want record of this one for when he decides he hates me at 15 because I didn't let him do [insert dangerous teenage activity here].

Davis: Can I make you breakfast, Mommy?
(Trevor had actually made me breakfast the morning before. He made a bowl of cereal with milk for me. Unfortunately, it was around 6am and I was still asleep. When I came downstairs, I happily ate a disgusting bowl of mush!)

And then there's the crying, screaming, kicking fit Davis threw on Monday because he couldn't stay at school. I had to bodily remove him! He was so disappointed because:


Trevor's school is year-round and he started 1st grade on Monday. 1st grade!? How the hell did that happen? Here's a pic of his first day....

Going to charge up the camcorder, Ruth!

TdFKAL update: I have a tiny toe of one sock done. 14 more rows and it'll be a real toe!


Susan said...

First grade, huh? That's such a great grade!!

Throws Like A Girl said...

Awesome! Those things they said are so much cuter than what I heard this morning at about 3 am. "Mommy, I have barf." Bleah.

Yarnhog said...

I wish I could remember every funny/sweet/wonderful thing my kids ever said--maybe it would help balance out all the awful things they're sure to say when they hit those teenage years. (My stepson is 21, and I've had him since he was 7, so I know exactly what to expect from my own kids when they get there--I'm not sure that's a good thing.) But on the bright side, both my sons (7 and 10) still love to help clean the house, and are actually old enough now to be useful!

And Throws? I'm sorry. That is probably my least favorite wake up call ever.

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing those - they ARE priceless.

uberstrickenfrau said...

My 12 year old use to tell me when she was 7, that when she grows up she was going to be my sister and live with me. And now my youngest who is 8 tells me that she can hardly wait to be an adult 'cuz they get do whatever they want and nobody bosses them around like they do kids. and my 14 year old tells me I'm a mean old lady and she gonna live at home forever just to bug me.My 10 year old wisely keeps her thoughts to her self.

Diane said...

Those are some great blackmail when they are older quotes.

When my second daughter was little she told me that she loved me and would live with me forever. It was cute. When she said it at 15 it was still ok. She's 22 and now it's just plain frightening.