Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sheep Tails

My four year old boy loooooves those soft, furry, little sheep tails. He tells us about them all the time. Anytime we ask/tell him to do something, he just wants to talk about sheep.

Us: D2, did you brush your teeth yet?
D2: Wool, butt...

Us: D2, it's time for bed.
D2: Wool, butt....

Us: D2, finish your peas, honey.
D2: Wool, butt...

Sometimes, just for fun he talks about their beautiful, sweet, brown eyes.

Us: D2, where's your socks?
D2: Wool, eye...

It's actually kind of nice to have at least one other person in the house that appreciates a sheep's sacrifice as much as I do.

Sigh, Ruth!


sophanne said...

When he gets older you better watch out.

wool balls

Yarnhog said...

Teachers ARE amazing. I am exhausted after an hour in my kids' classes and always feel like I need to nap for the rest of the day. I chaperoned a field trip to Legoland last week and still haven't recovered.