Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Knit Night

So last night was the first official Knit Night get-together at the new yarn store - Purls of Wisdom. Kelly was there first, then me, then Leslie and Rachel showed up for a little while to show off her new knitting!

Yes, Rachel has crossed over from crochet to knitting and she. Is. Rocking it! I brought my camera to take pictures of the festivities but was having such a good time, I forgot to take any pic's. I'm a geek.

I brought my Never-Ending Blanket to work on. This will be the first FO of the year (not counting a coupla scarves I already cranked out). I already promised Dave that it'd be finished by the end of this month. I'm done with all the knitting, now I'm just using the last skein of yarn to go 'round and 'round the edges. I did a crochet slip stitch around the whole beast and now I'll be single crocheting around until the last skein is used up. Should be done by Sunday!

When it's finished I'll measure it, take pictures and share with everyone the wondrous warmth that is Lion Brand's Homespun.

Never using Homespun again, Ruth!


Anonymous said...

A good friend makes prayer/meditation shawls from Homespun. Quick knits, nice and soft and cozy and warmly comforting, what's not to like?

But there is nothing like wool :)

Nell said...

Go blanket! Go!

sophanne said...

It makes good shawls, ponchos and blankets but I'm with you. One Christmas husband bought me $100 worth of it. Then next he upped it to $200. Thank goodness for "FreeCycle" This year we opted out of exchanging gifts : )