Tuesday, January 29, 2008

D is for Delivery

Or lack thereof.

My Post Office is ridiculously inept. Last month, I had one of those slips of paper that say to come claim your package at the desk. I stood in line for 15 minutes then gave the post woman my slip. She went in to the back. For 20 minutes. I was about to call for help, thinking she'd been crushed under an avalanche of packages and couldn't cry out, when she reappeared.

With 12 packages for me! That's not a typo. Twelve. When I get a package too big for my tiny PO Box, they put a red key in and I go to bigger boxes and use the red key. Well, someone had put 2 red keys for me.... into the wrong POB. Thankfully the wrong POB was unoccupied. The woman with my mountain of packages explained how they were just about to send them all back as "Abandoned". Some had been in there over 2 weeks! Can you imagine?

Oh, but it gets better.

I've been doing really well with this new business we bought for me to run. I've made 4 placements already and 2 are with new companies that I've acquired business from! (That means, I'm being successful with the company the business already works with and am growing the business by adding more companies. Bonus!)

Well, the original company the business already works with got invoiced at the end of December for the 2 placements I made. I still haven't received a check, so I finally called them today. I talked to 3 different people and was told the check was mailed on January 14th or 15th. She said they normally wait 2 weeks before they cancel a check and issue a new one. I told her that was fine and if it didn't show up by Friday, I'd call Monday - no sweat.

But, of course, big sweat because WTF?? Where'd the check go??

Well, that woman called me back about 5 minutes later and told me someone in her office just delivered the check to her and it was marked by my post office as being undeliverable - no such address. They had the correct address on it and it's a freakin' P.O. Box people!

That means a $14,000 check has been floating around the postal system for 2 weeks now. More importantly, it's my $14K check.

I'm going to the post office to kick some ass tomorrow.

Gearing up my military voice, Ruth!


knitnzu said...

get 'em ruth! I'd find out who is your regional postmaster (if there is such a thing, but being a federal agency, I'm sure there's some hierarchy) and complain LOUDLY.

Kristyn said...
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Kristyn said...

You go girl! Give 'em hell.

WandaWoman said...

Holy crap, that is the height of ineffectiveness! I bet you gave 'em heck and what-for! Besides the 12 packages waiting for you, a $14K check, geez!

Nell said...

UGH! I hate the USPS. I'm probably on a list somewhere for saying that. But OMG, they suck. Seriously, it amazes me they can still get a letter from here to NY for $0.41. But I'd be willing to pay more if I knew for sure it would get there!

Anonymous said...

Raise some hell, Ruth! And then tell us about it :)

Yarnhog said...

That's just crazy! Do you have the option of getting a box at a Postal Annex or some other private location? (They tend to do better.)