Friday, January 4, 2008


Every year, I make New Year's Resolutions. Here's my list for this year...

1. Exercise 4 days a week - So far, so good. FitTV has my favorite exercise show (Namaste Yoga) right before a new show called Shimmy. Shimmy is belly dancing and it's so much fun!

2. Blog 4 days a week - OK, so usually, it takes me a few days to decide on my resolutions and I start implementing them in the 2nd week of the year. Last night, I had a dream that there was this huge party at some guy's house. He was showing Dave and I the house and it kept going on and on and on. Room after room, sauna's, hot tubs, all kinds of rooms. Then everyone at the party got all excited and went outside. We went, too, to see what was the big deal. On the back lawn was this HUGE military helicopter and this actor that always plays a marine came out of the 'copter in dress greens. I love this actor, he's so cool! I was introduced to him and a bit star struck, I named about 10 movies he'd been in that I liked - said 'em like he didn't know what they were! Then I said, "I am SO blogging about this!" He said, "You have a blog?"
Me: Yea, I'm a geek.
Him: What's the name of it?
Me: 5elementknitr
Him: You're 5elementknitr? I read you all the time.
Then he blew my mind by recalling some recent entries. He said, "You've been slacking off lately."
Me: Yea, I know. I've been super-busy with this new business we have.
We talked a bit more and then, as he was leaving, he said, "Blog more often, now, y'hear?"

Sorry, my dreams have a big ego!

3. Stash Only - I tried this last year with the Stash-Out 2007. They gave an out of sock yarn and then I discovered hand-dyed sock yarn. sigh. Why didn't y'all warn me?? I have about 20 different skeins and I'm still not even sure how to knit socks, yet! This year for sure. I have 2 pre-planned outs and if anyone wants to get me this stuff, then I think I'll be safe!

4. Read A Book Per Month - I've made my list. You'll see it sometime soon, I'm sure.

5. Control Sweets - I'm usually not this vague with my resolutions but I've been doing OK with it. I've been trying to cut it down to one sweet a day. So far, so good.

6. Maintain Chore List - I'm tired of my house looking like a pig-sty. I used to have a chore list that I made for myself and it gave me a definite plan to follow. I've made a new list and so far, so good.

7. Organize 1 hour a week - See #6.

8. No face-picking - I have this bad compulsion where if I think there's a blemish, I'll pick at it until it is a big red spot! I'm 37 - I'm probably old enough to start taking better care of my skin.

9. Floss more - I always say this one. Since I bought those Reach Flossers 2 years ago, I've been doing it more and more.

10. Grow My New Business 20% - So far, so good with this one, too. I have 2 new companies that are working with me and I've already made a placement with one of them!

I'll be posting quite a few lists over the next few days. I make lots of new lists every January.

Love the New Year, Ruth!


Anonymous said...

That dream is hilarious! I have to admit, though, that I looked at all the pictures of that actor and I still don't recognize him. Guess you and I don't watch the same movies.

Those flosser thingies are Da Bomb. I started using some that are the same design but small and disposable; they look like 3" tuning forks with floss between the tines. I keep them scattered around the house -- by the computer, by my knitting chair, by the bed, in my purse, in my desk at work. My hygienist is way impressed with how much better my gums are. [/extremely boring comment]

sophanne said...

Excellent list- I think I'm going to take the great blog lists and make them all my own and those will be my January things.

sophanne said...

You can imagine my surprise when I clicked the actor link expecting to see some Johnny Deppness. Not so much!

uberstrickenfrau said...

Oh dear, the guilt over not flossing.....and cleaning the house and exercising and not eating sweets. I think I need to avoid your blog now. it's killing me. or maybe it'll shame me into a healthier lifestyle....nah.

Tammy said...

I lasted about 9 days on the Stash-Out last year. And once you discover sock yarn, you are in deep.

Nell said...

Good resolutions! That dream is hilarious. I'm with you on the stash out. I just do not need more yarn. I hope we last!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I can help you with #8, I can bring some stuff for you to try on Tuesday night (Parker SNB). See you then! :)

Me7of11 said...

I'll gladly trade you an excercise/diet tracker diary thing for a CD of a couple shimmy shimmy episodes (turns out I don't get FitTV afterall).

janet said...

Love your New Year's resolution list. I posted my top 10 diet and exercise tips on my blog at onthehouse-janet at I hope it helps.