Friday, January 25, 2008

B is for Bra

I recently went for a bra fitting at a bra store (appropriately, if oddly, named Bosom Buddies). I've been fitted in the past by the children who work at Victoria Secret in Tucson. I thought they were nuts when they told me I was a 40 D. Before kids, I was barely a B! (I really miss those days. Wearing a bra only when I felt like it, which was rare.) I tried on a few of their D cup bras and while the band around the body part fit well, I didn't have enough stuff up front to fill the damn thing. After trying several different styles, I walked out.

At this other place, a much older woman, fitted me and pronounced, "38B". She asked what kind of bra I was looking for and brought me several. I didn't want the giant cup granny bras, I refuse to wear underwire (seriously, bras aren't uncomfortable enough, we need to stick metal in them?) and I'm trying to get away from sports bras. I want a nice, feminine, not itchy bra. Another thing I refuse to have, along with underwire, is that stupid seam that goes right across the nipple. WTF? Hate that.

Anyway, I was trying different styles and again, after about 12 different ones, I had to leave. They were all, too.... bra-ish. I won't wear shaped ones, or fiber-filled ones (are they bras or stuffed animals?). I've found some decent ones at Target that I like but they only come in white or beige. A girl wants comfort and color!

By the way, when I was at the bra store trying stuff out, there was another customer trying stuff out across the little dressing area. (They have this hallway sectioned off with curtains.) The other lady was very, very pregnant and trying out nursing bras (which this place seemed to specialize in). She was struggling to latch the bras behind her back. I always thought that was odd.

I once had a client at the spa who was in her 70's and after her massage, she asked if I could help her latch her bra for her as she couldn't reach behind her anymore. I asked why she needed to reach behind her, I've never put on my bras that way. I put the hooks under the goods in the front and hook them, then I slide the hooks to the back and put my arms through the straps. I told this older woman that and it was like a light when on! She'd been having her husband help her with her bra for over 10 years!

How do you guys do it?

OH! Almost forgot - I got this meme from Romi.

I am to open a book I am currently reading to page 161 and copy the fifth sentence on the page.

"The mansion's phones really were out."

Not real inspiring but it's a decent read otherwise! It's Body of Evidence by Patricia Cornwell. I've never read any of her stuff before and I'm about half way through this. It's pretty good. Entertaining but not blowing me away. Yet.

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B is also for books, Ruth!


Becca said...

It's not a real bra fitting if you don't have some short little Slavic women grabbing your boobs and manhandling them. I've heard that whole "hook it in back first" is the proper way to put on a bra, but I've always done it your way.

I lost about 65 lbs. last year and I'm having the worst time finding a well-fitting bra now. I hate that seam too. Whose stupid idea was that?

Corwink said...

That is hysterical!! I have always put my bra on with the hooks in the front and then I do the slide to the back. Of all mother showed me how to do that when I got my first "training bra". Why do they call them that!? What are my boobs training for exactly!? I got your tag....thanks girly!!

Anonymous said...

I always used to put my bras on your way, too. Then a few years ago I gave up on *real* bras and started wearing stretchy knit ones that I pull on over my head. Ah, comfort and laziness.

Bethany said...

Coming out of lurkdom to comment about bras. Ha!

I hook it up in the back, the sort of lean forward to fill then cups and rearrange, if that makes any sense. Sometimes I'll do the hook in the front bit if I'm having issues with the hooks.

I hate bra shopping. I hate clothes shopping period, but bra shopping is the worst.

WandaWoman said...

Yup, I always do the bra slide from front to back.

knitnzu said...

Ha! I've had a bra rant in my head all summer and into the fall and was maybe going to post about it one day. The closest bra store to here is an hour away. I went there a few years ago and said show me what you have in 34DD minimizer that isn't ugly. After rejecting at least half of the options because I'd had them in the past, I was left with just a few, and in the end it was the $60 one that was most comfortable. Same scene the next year. Last year I bought a few other styles online from the same maker (Wacoal), thinking they'd work as well...WRONG. So I am on the search for a good comfortable bra that is smooth not lacy. Think I can find one? I think I spent over $1000 this summer buying (and then returning) a couple dozen bras, all of course costing more than I spend on any item of clothing except perhaps good shoes. NONE worked! My requirements? That the boobs are relatively contained... no quadriboob action, no uniboob, no bits of boob peeking out of the bottom or sides. That the band actually sits on my ribcage versus partly on the boobs. What I like about the style I've been getting... it's still comfortable at the end of the day. How I put it on... given that I spend a small fortune on these things, I put my arms in the straps, lean over and fill the cups, then reach back and hook it. The nice thing about this style is that the lace is uniform on each side (and from bra to bra), so I can arrange the nips to 'their spots', and don't end up with wall-eyed nipples. TMI, huh?

Nell said...

I have always hooked in the front and then rotated. And that's how my mom did it. I'm certainly not coordinated enough to clip in the back!

I love the "one fabulous fit" bra by maidenform. Really comfy. Molded cups but not really padded. They sell them at Kohls. At least you know your size! That's half the battle!

Tammy said...

Don't forget black. At target I mean. I know because I have a drawer full of their beige & white bras. Comfortable & cheap!

Yarnhog said...

I am so flat-chested, I feel ridiculous even talking about my bras (almost six feet tall with a 34A bra size). My breasts have always been an affront to my femininity. But I usually wear front-hook bras, which eliminates that little wrapping your arms around backward problem.

Anonymous said...

I have always put mine on the way you do; I've never understood why anyone would struggle to do it any other way. As for a bra that fits - I don't think I've ever actually owned a bra that fits properly.

Corwink said...

I love reading your blog and have nominated you for the 'you make my day award'
(details are on my blog)