Thursday, January 24, 2008

A is for Apathy

I got the boys up about 45 minutes early today so we could get D2 signed up for Kindergarten. I wanted to make absolutely goddamn sure he didn't get Ms. A.

T had Ms. A. Apparently, the A stands for Apathy. She was the most laid back teacher I've ever seen. So laid back, it came across as just plain lazy. Her class was a completely out of control at all times and she'd just float from table to table - la, la la. I know first hand, as I was volunteering once or twice a week. A friend of mine told me that when she volunteered, a very bad kid spit in Ms. A's face and she didn't do a thing about it. At the very least, she should have taken him aside and explained how that was inappropriate or sent him to the Principal's office! Or beat his little ass. (See. That's why I couldn't be a teacher!)

It made it extra hard for T's 1st grade teacher, who also happens to be a first year teacher so it's hard enough already! It took several months for the children to understand that class is not supposed to be a free for all. It's been really hard on Mrs. M getting control of the class enough so that it can actually become a learning environment.

Kindergarten in Colorado, strangely enough, is optional. I don't want to keep D2 out of it, but if he gets stuck with Ms. A, I might have to consider some other options!

Considering home schooling, Ruth!


sophanne said...

I am AA Against Apathy- keep him home- he'll teach you plenty : )

Nell said...

Good luck with the school stuff. That's a whole other hurdle.

If you decide to do it, you'd be a great home teacher!

Me7of11 said...

Ms. A is really more of a cool babysitter than a good teacher. You are right to register D for Ms. B's class. I've heard TONS of awesome stuff about her.