Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Year WIP'ing

Here's the knitting plans for 2008...

Tubey - love the construction on this one!

Cashmerino Vest - that I'm designing

Earth Scarf - that I'm designing

1 pair of finished socks - just to start dipping into the sock yarn stash I accumulated last year

Blue socks - a gift for a friend, should they ever be finished

3 current WIP's -
Bed Jacket - 2/3 done
Unseamly Sweater - 2/3 done (from Happy Hooker, couldn't find a pic link)
Jade Sapphire Top - 2/3 done - my own design
(Apparently, I get almost done and must move on to something new.)

Prosperous Tank - swatched already

Thermal or Henley Perfected - haven't decided which yet

Wicked - love this pattern and the yarn I have for it!

Slippers for me - haven't decided which pattern yet

That should keep me occupied for awhile!

Linkety, link, link - link, link, Ruth!


NerdGirl said...

I am notorious for getting to the end of the project and then setting it aside. Some stuff is actually knitted and I just need to weave in the ends and some of it was about 3/4 knitted before I moved on to something else. I wonder why that is. You have some lovely plans for 2008! I look forward to seeing your progress.

sophanne said...

Hey Ruth - good plans. For the record- wicked blocks well.

As you will read in a later post- puppy puke is a surefire way to get that sweater onto it's happy shaping.

Nell said...

Good luck! That's quite a list. But I know you can do it!

Romi said...

I vote for Henley Perfected. Love that sweater!