Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have people following me on Twitter and I have no idea why since I don't Twitter. Ever.

The only reason I have a Twitter account at all is because I wanted to enter a Neil Gaiman photo caption contest and you could only do it through Twitter. (I didn't win.)

After I got my Twitter account, I followed a few people but I never have time to read them so the only time I even see twitters (tweets?) is on the sidebar of the Yarn Harlot's blog (right funny, those!).

I can barely keep up reading the blogs I like much less adding a bunch of Twitter stuff!

I wonder how the people that follow me found me, why they chose to follow me, and what are they following since I never do anything over there.

Is someone pretending to be me and posting really funny, witty tweets under my name? That would be kind of cool as I am not terribly witty and only marginally funny sometimes.

I ask that last question because I was following Christopher Walken's tweets for a bit but then they disappeared because it turns out it was not CW, but an impostor who'd opened an account with his name and picture. Shame, really, because the guy was damn funny!

I don't understand Twitter.

Feeling a bit old, Ruth!


Turtle said...

You are so not alone, i have enough to check blogs and facebook without the whole twitter bit. I don't get it either.

k said...

Maybe we should make that the new thing. Open Twitter accounts and never post anything, and ask everyone to follow us. And start following other people who never post.
Because I call myself contrarian, but really I'm just peevish.
(And my magic word is oxinort.)

k said...

Ooh. The next magic word is even better!
Nomenic! For when you want to be single.

Anonymous said...

Heh. I could have written your post. I'm so amazed people follow my twitters when I don't twitter anything.