Thursday, November 26, 2009


(Shamelessly stolen from kmkat)

Ten people I'd like to have at my Thanksgiving table...

Family and friends are a given so I'll skip them although I would like to see

1. My Grandma Hofer - she passed in 1997 and I miss her every day
2. William Shatner - my love for that man has been well documented on this blog
3. Seth McFarlane - the creator of Family Guy - he missed a flight that would've put him on the plane that hit Tower 2 on 9/11 and he's a straight guy that loves musicals
4. "Mick" Mennucci - my dance teacher from high school
5. Stephen King and Maya Angelou - my favorite authors
6. Joshilyn Jackson, Matt Diniman and Dave King - more authors but authors of the best books I've read in the past few years (Gods in Alabama, The Shivered Sky and The Ha-ha respectively)
7. Salvador Dali and Michael Parkes - my favorite artists
8. Oscar Wilde and Tennesse Williams - my favorite playwrights
9. The Marx Brothers - my favorite comedians
10. Brian Urlacher and Tom Osborne (along with his lovely wife Nancy) - the first is a defensive linebacker for the Chicago Bears and the second is the greatest Husker football coach of all time. These guys are for Dave to be able to watch football with on Thanksgiving. (OK, Urlacher is also eye candy for me!)

Looking forward to the Turkey Thorazine shuffle, Ruth!


Anonymous said...

Aw, that is sweet of you to invite someone(s) for Dave to watch football with! Happy T'day!

Dave said...

Well, aren't you nice. I'd like to be seated between Wilde and Urlacher, please--though when it's time for the pumpkin pie, I'll move over and chat up Grandma Hofer.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and many thanks for the kind words about my book!