Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Magicians and Bloodsuckers

I forgot to tell y'all about Halloween!

First up, we have our evil sorcerer...

I'm pretty proud of this costume. We bought a second hand evil robe and I got some glow in the dark and silver metallic fabric paints and painted all over it. Then I got a stiff piece of black felt, made a cone and stapled it shut, then a soft piece of felt, made the brim, more stapling, more paint and viola! (The staff was purchased. And we couldn't quite get his makeup right, looks like he dipped his face in milk!)

Then we've got D2 as your basic toothsome vampire...

Fancy shirt (as he called it), black jeans, cape that T wore when he was a 2 year old vampire (6 years ago!), some make-up and rubber fangs.

Here he is showing off his cape and his little rubber bat ring...

The evil sorcerer likes to ham it up with his fiendish vampire brother...

D2 was so funny about those rubber teeth! They were WAY too big and at first he wouldn't let me make them smaller. He was slobbering like crazy and finally I convinced him to let me shorten them. I cut a back tooth off each side and they fit a little better. He was still slobbering a lot. It's about a 20 minute drive from our house to the party we were going to. After about 5 minutes in the car I asked D2 if he wanted to take the teeth out until we got there and he said, "No way!" He was very committed to his character! Even when he'd go up to a house, he'd pretend to die when the light hit him and he'd say, "I vant to eat your cahndeeee.", or "Look into my eyes. Now give me all your cahndeeeee." What a goof!

We went to Donna and Daren's yearly party again this year. It was in our old neighborhood so we took the boys trick or treating there (they always get a good haul!). This year is the first time Dave got to trick or treat with me and the boys. He usually stays at the house and hands out candy but since we weren't in that house anymore... he had a great time with us! After about an hour it was getting truly chilly and the boys were ready to stop and go back to Donna's house to play with her dog. Dave kept telling them, "Let's just hit the houses on the way back!" Their sacks were almost too heavy for them to carry and they were done but he kept reminding them that mom and dad were going to eat half so they should keep going!

He makes me nuts every time we are to go to a Halloween party. In all the time we've been together this is only the fourth one he's gone to (#1 was in Tucson in 1999, #2 was T's first Halloween and it was with the playgroup and #3 was last year). He's not social and doesn't want to dress up. He waits to the very last day to pick a costume but all the while he throws out ideas of what to dress up as, should we dress as a couple, what about this, what about that - it's like when he's bored and has the TV remote - flip, flip, flip flipForTheLoveOfBobPickSomethingflip.

This year he got a grim reaper robe, put on a big straw hat (borrowed from his dad) and his Hawaiian shirt and went as Death Takes A Holiday. I got him to add one of his golf clubs for a scythe replacement.

I borrowed a great costume from Donna. She sewed this really cute Little Red Riding Hood costume a few years ago and with the skirt's elastic waistband, it fits anyone! She took a pic of us before we left the party but I haven't seen it yet.

The kids played with the other kids there and Dave and I played Poker with the adults. It was great fun!

Contemplating next year's costume, Ruth!

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Yarnhog said...

That vampire baby has me laughing out loud! Don't tell him, of course, but he's so darn cute and non-threatening! He's got such a pouty look on his face in that first picture, I can't help giggling when I look at it.