Sunday, November 22, 2009

Johnny Two-Hats

I have this thing with hats...

I always have to make hats twice. They always end up either way too big, a little too small or too short.

Every single hat I've ever made.

Working on a hat right now. Finished it, had Dave try it on. Too short. sigh.

I'm not so frustrated with it this time since I was kind of thinking I wanted to go a different way with it anyway.

That's the other reason I frog so many hats. I get halfway through then think I want to add/subtract, do something else with that yarn. I can never seem to be completely satisfied with the hats I make!

Then there's the yarn substitution problems I give myself. Instead of swatching so I can get it right the first time (which is what you're supposed to do when substituting yarns), I usually just go for it.

With all this ripping and frogging, it's a good thing I like knitting. And it doesn't really bother me but this time of year... I'm already getting behind with my holiday knitting. Must knit faster...

Hats are my nemesis, Ruth!

1 comment:

kmkat said...

Hats in ribbing are more forgiving of too big/too small issues. :-)