Friday, November 20, 2009

Date Night

I'm going on a date tonight with my husband! I'm really pretty excited about it!

The school has a giant sleepover night and it's tonight. They have the kids together up until a certain point then the boys sleep in the gym and the girls sleep in the library. It was $60 for both our kids to be able to attend so we moved some groceries budget around and they are set to have a great night of fun.

Which means Dave and I have a night to ourselves. Splee! We're talking dinner, maybe a movie, maybe some poker, maybe all three!

I'm so excited, I'm going to leave all knitting at home! (Unless we go play poker somewhere, because then I'll be out before he is as usual and when I'm out of the game... I knit.)

We used to have a date every Saturday afternoon when we lived in Tucson. The boys would go hang out with Dave's parents and we'd go have lunch and hang out with each other. I miss that!

We stopped doing it here. Dave's parents are 80 and 81 so it's not as easy for them to watch the boys. They say it's easier as there's no lifting or diaper changing to deal with. We've kind of taken them at their word lately since we've been going to play poker on Sat. afternoons sometimes. But we feel guilty about it.

But tonight - no guilt! I can't wait to drop the boys off. The little dears.

I'm gonna hold his hand, Ruth!

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