Monday, November 16, 2009

Dr. Twizzler, D.D.S.

T has a left front tooth that is a little bit loose.

Dave's mom gives us 2lb. bags of Twizzlers on a regular basis. (Part of what she puts in the weekly bag of what I've come to call "grandma grenades".)

Apparently when you add those two facts together, you get small tooth placed into your hand.

Strangely, the tooth that popped out was not the tooth that was loose! It was a lower tooth to the right of the two front teeth (his right). He said he didn't even know that one was loose!

He's had it pretty easy so far with the teeth coming out. Last night there was a fair bit of blood but no apparent pain. Easy for him and easy on Dave and I!

The tooth fairy came and left a dollar as usual. She didn't need to borrow that dollar from T's little brother like last time. She learned her lesson and stockpiled a few dollar bills in a secret place.

Unfortunately, she's not nearly as stealthy as she would like to believe and T has gotten much better at faking that he's asleep so T is on to her.

He's promised not to sell her out to D2.

He's a good boy.

Anticipating his beautiful smile, Ruth!


Marissa said...

Twizzlers, eh??? We've got a couple of loose ones here as well. I'd like to be done with them by Christmas...they are interfering with the eating!

Steph said...

Twizzlers, huh. I suppose it could be worse...I lost my first tooth in a tuna salad sandwich, and bit down on it thinking it was a piece of onion at first. To this day, I cannot put onion in my tuna salad.