Saturday, November 21, 2009

About Last Night

Our date was so much fun!

We were laughing at the drop-off with the kids. You should have seen all the beaming parents who knew they were about to have a night without children. One woman walked to her car after kissing her kid goodbye and actually jumped for joy before getting into the car.

Dave and I had dinner out then we went to see a movie. The movie didn't start for another hour. We thought it started every half hour but we were wrong. Who cares! We had no time limit! We bought our tickets then walked to a nearby bar and had a drink. Hung out and killed time for a half hour then walked back to the theater and went to our movie.

We saw 2012. It was OK. Amazing CGI disaster scenes! It's phenomenal what they can do with computer graphics. Definitely wouldn't have wanted the kids to see this movie. There's no specific blood but there's lots of falling bodies and destruction. John Cusak was good as usual (and lovely to look at!) but the movie was predictable and a bit cheesy. (When the Vatican splits, it does so perfectly splitting god and Adam? How precise.)

The movie had this character actor that I quite like. I have a real thing for character actors! This guy's costumers always seem to put him in bow ties for some reason. I guess they do kind of suit him. In this movie, they've got him speaking with an atrocious English accent. At least I think it was supposed to be English - it was hard to tell.

There was a preview for a movie with Leonardo di Caprio called Shutter Island. It's set in the 50's and these two detectives have to go to an island where there's an asylum for the criminally insane to find a murderess who has escaped. Thirty seconds into the preview I think I already know what's going on. Ben Kingsley is the warden and during the preview he makes a comment to the effect of, "I've spent too much time building what we have here to let it be ruined." That sealed it for me.... it's a movie about the inmates taking over the asylum. Set in the 50's makes it the perfect setup. Sketchy phones, no faxes, no Internet. A sequestered island - how would strangers from the outside know who was supposed to be running the place and who wasn't? It still looks really good and I look forward to seeing it on video someday and hoping I'm wrong.

Need to get rid of the kids more often, Ruth!


Yarnhog said...

Oh, yeah. Nothing beats a night off without kids. My mom takes the kids every Saturday night. It's been the best gift anyone could ever give us.

Anonymous said...

I read Shutter Island. iirc, that is NOT what happens. So you can go see the movie ;-)

Marissa said...

Hooray for 'nights off'...not that I'd know anything about that! But I'm a fan!
I cracked up at your prophesy of 'Shutter Island'. I live on a really, really, really small Maine island, and I'm wondering where they got the idea for the movie???? It sounds familiar....heheheh

Rooie said...

Shutter Island is a real mind twister. I'm not a real movie person but this might be a movie I'd want to see...