Thursday, November 19, 2009

Notes From The Frog Pond

I get the Knitter's Review emails. Do you? It's a lovely newsletter thing that I'm entirely too lazy to link to tonight. It's done by Clara Parkes (met her at the Sock Summit!) and if you do a search for either, you'll find it easily.

This question was posited in this week's edition under the "Knitter's Poll":
Would you consider knitting with yarn from someone else's unraveled project?


Are you kidding me?? Is this really an issue? I do it all the time with my own yarn, why would it bother me to do it from someone else's??

It's sort of a running joke in this house that whenever Dave hears me grumbling at my knitting he says, "What, do you have to tear it out and start over?"

For years, whenever there was a mistake in something I was working on, I'd rip it all the way back to the beginning and start over. Finally, I learned how to drop a stitch down and fix the mistake or to rip back to the mistake and not to the cast-on.

I rather perfected starting the do-over while simultaneously ripping out the original.

I know some people feel you should frog the yarn, wet it, hang it on a hanger with a weight so it unkinks the yarn but I'm much too impatient for that nonsense!

So, even though I have too much yarn - if you have a project you aren't happy with or is half finished and you don't want the fiber anymore or can't bear to frog it - I'll take it!

Waiting by the mailbox, Ruth!


Anonymous said...

Don't rush me. I'm thinking...

Turtle said...

hubby has laughed as well when i frustratingly frog back something, or rip it completely. He usually will say> i thought knitting was sposed to be relaxing?

k said...

I've calmed down since that day the hat ended up in the tree. It was so pretty, the bright red in the pine...

I've been dismantling Formerly Finished Objects lately, and I'm fine with that. But the yarn I got from a friend that hadn't been worked, just wound into balls? had one of her hairs in it! Yikes! I mean, I like her, but I Really! don't do other people's hair.

Yarnhog said...

I'd knit with someone else's used dental floss if I didn't have anything else.