Sunday, November 15, 2009

Snowy Days and Mushy Brains

Davis went to the second session of Creative Writing and he's hooked! For those just joining in, he went to the first session and sat there the entire hour not doing anything. Dave told him he could quit and I said he had to go to at least 2 more sessions (there's 7 total).

I think the problem with the first session is that he didn't know what he was supposed to do. I'm a bit disappointed with the teacher. When I talked to her (with Davis) after the first session, she said she didn't realize he wasn't writing. I mean, I realize it's a free library class but there's only about 8 kids in the class and I don't understand how she didn't notice he wasn't doing anything.

Once we got him home and Dave and I explained what creative writing was and got him to kick some ideas around, he got it. Last Monday's session, he did 4 pages in the "What If..." book they gave him! It was only a sentence or two per page but it's a start. And he seemed to really enjoy it this time!

It snowed today.
That means Dave had to work and that means no new knitting group meetup for me. But, on the other hand, no one else felt like braving the snow so we'll try again next week!
Here's a pic of the last snow we had...

That snowstorm (the week before Halloween) was a 3 day stunner! Today was pretty average and although the snow began last night, it had stopped by noon today.

Our minivan has new tires (and therefore, better snow traction) so Dave took it to go get his plow truck and go scrape some streets.

Me and the kids were stuck at home all day. Bummer.

Yea, right! They played videos games until I kicked them outside (where they played for almost two hours!). They came back in soaked and happy, I had them go take a warm bath, I made them lunch, then they spent the afternoon planted in front of the TV/video games/computer. Their brains are nice and mushy!

As for me, I watched TV all day while I worked on a special order of Stitch Savers and knit on some holiday gifts. So my brain's nice and mushy as well!

I watched a bunch of stuff I DVR'd. SVU, Community, National Treasure - Book of Secrets, and the first two episodes of the updated miniseries V. So, yeah, your basic completely mindless entertainment. National Treasure was so-so, nothing special. V is predictable and a bit cheesy but I've never been one to pass on a show because it's cheesy!

I'm going to read myself to sleep tonight and try to prop my squishy brain back up where it belongs!

Mushy, mushy, Ruth!


Steph said...

I just stumbled across your blog (maybe through Ravelry?) and I have to say--I'm so jealous of your snow! I miss real winters out here in California.

k said...

How is V?
I love the view out your front? Back? It looks so appropriate in snow. (And I'm sorry I haven't checked in for a while!)