Monday, August 20, 2007

What A Weekend!

Saturday, Dave and I tried our level best to kill ourselves.

In the morning, I had the computer tech guy come over and hook up our wireless (at a relatively painless $60).

Then we drove both the minivan and the hoopty the half-hour to Littleton and spent an hour trying to shove all the furniture and file cabinets and boxes of old files into said vehicles. The main desk is a behemoth (it had to way close to 100 pounds) and we had to get it out of John (the seller's) basement (up 8 stairs, 90 degree turn, 6 more stairs). After much sweat, strained backs and frustration, John put two of the filing cabinets into his Suburban and we headed off to his rental house where the rest of the furniture lived.

We dropped the Suburban's filing cabinets there and headed home, knowing we'd have to come back at least once more to get everything else.

I flew home with Dave not too far behind me (using the tennis ball in the back trick the whole way!) because it was already 1p and I told My Blogless Rachel I'd be at her house at 1:30 to help set up for the birthday party for her daughter Morgan. I helped unload some stuff, ran upstairs, took a rinse off shower, finished crocheting the fuzzy flip flops for Morgan, wrapped them as a present from Davis and wrapped the other present from Trevor, threw the gifts at the boys and ran around the corner to Rachel's house.

2-4p - What a great party! It was a carnival theme and they had the kids use markers to decorate their white goodie bags and then go outside for games. There were 5 different game stations (darts at balloons, ring toss, her husband made a big plinko board, etc.), a fake tattoo station and a face painting station! At each station, the kids all got little prizes whether they were successful at the game or not. A good time was had by all!

Go home, shower again (the party was outside and it was a little warm) and get ready for a night on the town. Dave and I haven't had a night on the town in about a year!! When we were in Tucson, his parents would watch the kids on Saturdays so we could have a date. It was almost always during the day and the few times we went out at night, we'd be home by 10p because it was either his parents watching them at our house or a teenaged babysitter.

Last night, Dave arranged a surprise evening! He's the only guy I know who would surprise his wife for his birthday night out! I knew we were going into Denver but that was all. We ate at P.F. Chang's and then went to somewhere near the 16th Street Mall. To Bovine Theater! It's an improv show much like Who's Line. When we came into the theater, the guy at the ticket desk asked us to write down something someone had said to us that day. I wrote down the book inscription Faith got (see the comments from here) and when it was used it got a big laugh. I got to go onstage and play in one of the games, too (yes I volunteered, I'm a big ham, donchaknow).

It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to do it again sometime! The tickets were only $16 each (the Friday tix are only $5!) and they also have an improv school! What fun!

When we left the improv show, we went back to Parker and stopped at a bar on Mainstreet called The Tailgate. They had a live band (Play It Forward) which was pretty decent and no cover charge, which is always nice. We had a couple of drinks and went home. We got home around 1a! I don't think we've ever stayed out that late! Not even when we were dating!

Sunday, we recovered. I've never been one to get hangovers. The only time I've ever had a headache from drinking was a Jim Beam incident in 1997. And that was just stupidity on my part, I've never liked whiskey so why was I drinking it that night? Anyway, I don't get hangovers, I just want to sleep all day from being up late and my stomach seems to object to alcohol as it always does angry, mean things to me whenever I have more then one drink. Good thing I've never been into drinking a lot!

OK, Massage Monday:

How to pick a therapist....

You can always find a student to work on you, like I mentioned in this post, but if you want a professional here's some tips.

1. Know that it's going to be trial and error, like finding a good hairdresser or family physician.

2. You want someone who has at least 500 hours of schooling. (In San Diego, it used to be, if you had 500 hours or less you had to register with the vice squad. EW! California has no standardization and there's all these little 100-150 hour schools. What do they even teach you in 100 hours??? "Here's some lotion. Come back next week." People take these classes, get a massage therapy license and do... um... otherwise. I've got no objections to prostitution. I think they should legalize it and regulate it. And if you choose that lifestyle, then that's your choice, but call it what it is. Stop giving massage therapy a bad name!)

3. You want to make sure your therapist knows their anatomy. If you ask them to work on your piriformis, they should know that's deep to your glutes. If you don't feel like quizzing them (because that might just be a little weird and off-putting), then make sure they listen to what you tell them you need. If you tell them your neck hurts and they focus on your legs... yes, it is all connected but, come on!

That's it for now! I know I promised knitting content and I do have some, but this post is too long already. Tomorrow for sure - knitting, pictures and a funny man.

Learning the new biz, Ruth!


Yarnhog said...

As a San Diegan who loves getting professional massages--ewwwww! I'm going to delude myself into believing the upscale spa I go to has higher standards.

Chris said...

I feel tired and sweaty just READING about your Saturday! I think our high was 59F Saturday and we never saw the sun.

Throws Like A Girl said...

Dang that's a lot of work. And how cute is your husband? I think the last date I was on with mine was to see Transformers. VERY romantic. :P

Nell said...

Ooof! That's a long day. You deserved those drinks!

Rachel said...

I'm sorry--did you say, "...little weird and 'off-putting'?" What the hell is "off-putting"? I think you made that word up.

Thanks for helping at Morgan's party and the flip flops kick ass! My birthday is in February and I wear a honkin' size 9. Hint hint, nudge nudge.

Susan said...

Sounds like a fun and full day!