Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I'm sick today. My throat's killing me and I can't stop sneezing. Don't get too close. Trev was in the same boat on Monday so I'm pretty sure where I got this bug!

Even so, I'm healthier then most.

Today is the last day you can get discounted patterns at StitchDiva. Proceeds are going to help Annie Modesitt and one other family. I bought the Sahara pattern. I've wanted it for awhile but balked at spending $7 for one pattern. It's on sale for $5.25!

25% off our patterns for 1 MORE DAY
Sale ends 11:59 pm Pacific on Wed, Aug. 1
75% of all proceeds to 2 families in NEED
We are cutting our prices to make it easy for you to help.
Take advantage of this chance to get yourself a deal on our patterns and feel good that your purchase will be helping out two "knitting and crochet" families that really need help.
These families are experiencing very bad times because a family member is seriously ill and needs life-saving treatments. Insurance doesn't come close to covering all the miscellaneous expenses needed for these families to get necessary help to the people they love.

Evan - son of Allison
When Evan was only 8 weeks old, he was diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor (Hypothalamic Hamartoma). Although the tumor itself is benign, it causes seizures approximately every 15-20 minutes, 24 hours/day. The seizures are damaging his brain. Evan's best chance for a normal life is to have surgery to remove this tumor and there is only one place in the world the specializes in this disorder. Allison is facing a battle not only with the needs of a baby that has seizures 4 times per hour, but with insurance companies and a medical system that are not making it easy for Allison to get Evan the care he needs. Read more about Allison and Evan here.

How you can help:
ETA: I got an email from Allison (11/10) that Evan is doing really well and she asked that I remove links to her sites as she has re-entered the corporate world and we all know how that can be! I'm happy to hear he's doing well and I wish them the best!

Buy a Stitch Diva Studios Pattern in the next 24 hours

Gerry - Husband of Annie Modesitt and father of Max and Hannah
Annie's strong personality and beautiful design work have made her a stand-out in the knit and crochet communities. She moved with her family earlier this year to Minnesota for a life change to focus on her design work: Her husband Gerry, formerly a television producer, was going to be "Mr. Mom". During their move, it became clear that Gerry's "bad back" was infinitely more serious and was actually a symptom of Multiple Myeloma, a painful blood cancer that manifests itself in the bone marrow. Gerry is scheduled for a stem cell transplant at the Mayo Clinic in August, and the family has been given somber projections for life after the bone marrow transplant. Annie is curtailing much of her teaching activity to spend more time with Gerry, and their savings is eroding. Read more about Gerry and the family's situation here.

How you can help:
Purchase Annie's Red Carpet Convertible pattern or any pattern offered for sale on her website.
NEW: Knit Along! Love one of Annie's patterns? Once you purchase it, organize a knit along either online, at your yarn store, or at your "Stitch and Bitch" group. You will be encouraging other people to buy the pattern to support Annie, you will end up knitting something that is beautiful, and you will have lots of fun in the process.
Purchase one of Annie's books.
Donate directly on the Red Carpet Convertible page.
NEW: Get the word out. Feel free to forward this email to friends that might be interested or copy any of the text or pictures in this story on your blog.
Buy a Stitch Diva Studios Pattern in the next 24 hours

Go and get some new patterns and help out.

Pass the word!

Looking for my Nyquil, Ruth!


Yarnhog said...

How awful for those families. The last thing they should have to worry about now is money.

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Faith! said...

Thanks for passing on the goodness. Your snarky wit and heartfelt sweetness always makes me glad to be a part of this weird blog community thing.

uberstrickenfrau said...

Boy, it breaks my heart about some very hard trials our sista's have to go through! Definitely must help in some way!

La said...

Want me to bring you some Airborne?

Also, there's a We Love Annie Modesitt blog with links to other ways to donate. Just "Evan" We Love Annie Modesitt or you can click the button on my blog.

See you Tuesday!

Romi said...

Feel better soon!

I bought Annie's pattern. That totally sucks. Think I'll go buy Sahara now.

Quail Hill Knits said...

Thanks for passing on the info! I visited the websites and found two patterns that I really liked. I hope that you are now feeling better and are back to your old self.

Allison said...

Hi, how do I contact you regarding this post?