Wednesday, August 22, 2007

When It Rains, It Pours

I forgot to tell y'all some stuff.

The last day of Trev's school before the break, I had errands to run during the day. I checked my P.O.Box and I got a nice treat. I'd won an umbrella from a blog contest and it came in the mail that day. It's one of those small collapsible dealies that's perfect for keeping in the car.

Of I went about my day.

A few hours later, when I went to pick up Trev, it was pouring!! They don't let the kids out when that happens, they hold them in the classrooms until the parents come get them (or until they think it's safe and lightning free enough for the bused kids to go to their buses). I ran in, with my handy (and timely) new umbrella. When T and I were leaving, it was hailing, too! (Hail is something the boys have never seen before) Yikes!

Another "when it rains..." item:

I've often bemoaned the fact that there's really not any massage therapy jobs to be had because of over-saturation. I've been on call at one spa on Main Street since November, but they've never needed to call me! If you stand in front of that particular spa in Parker and turn around 360 degrees, you can see six other places you can get a massage.

Well, when I got my hair cut (a mere 2 miles away from Main Street) on that rainy Tuesday, my hairdresser told me they needed a massage therapist on Friday nights. Then the next day, Donna (the owner of the aforementioned place on Main Street) called and said her current therapist was moving and not only could I get on the schedule on a regular basis, I could be salaried by working the desk as well!

Good thing we just spent $60K on our new business for me!


Soaking wet, Ruth!


uberstrickenfrau said...

Just another shining example of Murphy's law at work. 'cept you kinda bit back by having the umbrella and all.

knitnzu said...

But isn't it so nice to know you're wanted??

Yarnhog said...

Well, crud.

kmkat said...

Let's see, massage therapy noon to 8pm, home business 8:30pm to 2 am, sleep 3am to 11am, rinse and repeat.

I don't see a problem with that schedule, do you? Except of course for the discouraging lack of knitting time. And family time. And personal time. And time for eating and bathing and shopping and cooking dinner, etc.

Life is what happens when you are making other plans...

Chris said...

What a timely umbrella! Hey, now you won't be bored, right? ;)

La said...

Is it too cliche here to say "When it rains it pours"?

Have you ever been to MeMeMe Salon? Best cut and style I've ever had I got there. Should have gone back when I was visiting, just ran out of time.