Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dear Diary

I've decided to start a food diary for a week. You know, where one writes down every edible thing one puts in one's mouth to see how much of a pig one might resemble?

I'm overweight. "How is that?," you say, "You knit all the time and love sweets and don't exercise that much and..... oh."

Yeah. Oh. As of May (Trev and Davie's birth month), I've been around 30 pounds overweight for over 6 years. When I realized that, I realized it was either time to do something about it or time to give up and buy bigger clothes. I'm not really the giving up type.

I've been walking every morning this week for about 20 minutes. Yesterday, it was stormy about a mile from our area. I was plugging along with my ipod on and wasn't really looking around when I heard this huge clap of thunder. I looked behind me (where the sound came from), then back forward, then to my right. To my immediate right, I mean it couldn't have been 5 feet away, stood a small doe munching grass! She looked at me and then kept eating! She was still there when I came back 10 minutes later on my way home. Still eating. (Maybe she needs a food diary. Just kidding)

It's great having the inlaws here so I can feel comfortable taking these walks. Their apartment is ready on Sep. 15. I don't know what I'll do after that. Not really comfortable leaving the boys alone in the house for 20 minutes. I don't think they'll set the place on fire or anything like that but I'm fairly certain they'd open the door to strangers.

Despite the "no soliciting" sign on the house, we get solicitors about once a week. Last week, we were visited by a rather scruffy, jailhouse tattooed man who was selling a house cleaning fluid. He was very insistent and washed our front glass door, then streaked it with his hand to show it's staying power. Then he shot some on his finger and put it in his mouth to demonstrate it's chemical-free-ness. Eeeewww! I know these guys are just trying to make a living and I have no problem with tattos (I have 6 of my own) but "no thank you" means "no thank you"!

I really like the Namaste Yoga that comes on at 10:30a and I've tried to do the aerobics show that comes before it but there was too much of that annoying aerobic WHOO!! Hate the whoo. Maybe I'll find me some Gilad. Love Gilad! (Maybe because he's got William Shatner hair?)

Going for my walk, Ruth!

P. S. Anybody wanna play food diary with me?


knitnzu said...

So you probably don't want to hear me whine about the extra 5 or so? Mostly it's a mid 40's redistribution... But hey Good for you! Know what you mean about leaving the kids alone, mine is 11 and I've just started leaving him for 30 min or so. Used to be if I had to walk the dog, I'd go up and down the street so I could always see the house! Scary about the solicitors...what is scary for me here is the super high concentration of registered offenders.

Throws Like A Girl said...

Heya! Check out It's great place to journal. I know when I remember to journal, I eat less. We need to get together soon!

Yarnhog said...

No way I could stand writing down everything I eat. I'd cheat. I'd write "piece of cake" when I really mean "half a cake", and "jelly beans" when in fact I ate a pound of jelly beans. I'm not good at dieting--I'm always hungry. I just exercise more to burn it off.

I bought some cleaner from a guy just like that about 5 years ago (he tasted it, too!), and it is the best carpet cleaner anywhere. I wish he'd come back--I'm almost out, and nothing else works as well.

uberstrickenfrau said...

Now,see, if that guys sprayed some of that stuff on his tattoo and wiped THAT off, then he's made a sale with me! Heck yeah, take all the crap off the walls that those kids put on it!And the foodie thing, quit eating all white food, potaotes,rice,etc. Heard that on Oprah.

Chris said...

Good for you!!

Heh, another benefit about living in a condo - no solicitations...

sophanne said...

HA! if Yarnhog kept track of what she ate and then decreased it, she would blow away with the next breeze. I'd offer to join you but I'm the type of person that as soon as I offer I'd find a way to back out of it or eat more just to spite the detailed notes I was taking. I'm secretly doing it with you though! I'll have to get back to my "fighting weight" if I have to take on Ann at the knit night

Susan said...

Food diaries are really great. Right now, I don't eat anything after 8:00 and, if I'm hungry, I drink green tea. I've been doing this for about a week so I don't really know if it's working yet or not. sounds good, though!

Romi said...

Yeah. You and me both. I miss the skinny me. :P