Friday, August 17, 2007


I've been listening to David Sedaris on audio books. He's hysterical!

I'm hysterical this morning. But a different kind of hysterical.

Sedaris talks about how people call him a technophobe but that's incorrect. A phobia is a fear of something and his feelings toward computers is not fear. It is hatred. A nurtured, stoked, steadily maintained hatred.

I know how he feels.

I've just spent two hours trying to hook up my wireless network. To no avail. And the guy we know that's local and would trade for massage is on vacation. So I've got to pay someone lots of money to come to our house and set it up. My husband didn't want to let the free guy finish the job because it was going to involve buying a $50 piece of equipment. Now it's going to cost a lot more.

I've got a raging headache and I'm going to go lie down til either the phone guy (who's scheduled to be here btw 8a-5p) or the computer guy (who's supposed to be here around 4:30p) gets here.

More of my whining on Monday, Ruth!

P.S. Just kidding, on Monday, we'll actually have some knitting content 'round these parts.


sophanne said...

which David Sedaris are you reading? His books are hysterical but his books on tape are PRICELESS.

Have heard him tell the story of the train ride in Paris where 2 Americans speak loudly (assuming that he can't speak English) about the fact that he's clearly going to steal the woman's purse.

There's also a great one from a "This American LIfe" podcast where he talks about the goings on at a barnyard animal AA meeting. He truly captures the 12 step program via goats and chickens.

Sorry about the techno crap- I hate dealing with that.

Yarnhog said...

Don't you just love those eight-hour windows the repair guys give you? I spent all day waiting for one once, and he never showed up! Let me tell you, the enraged call to that office will go down in history.

kmkat said...

Hope the headache wafts gently out the window. Careful with the David Sedaris, though -- belly laughs are bad for headaches.

uberstrickenfrau said...

I don't think I've ever heard of Mr. Sedaris. I will have to check that out.

Faith! said...

Oh man, I love that guy. My mom got a book signed for me once, and he wrote "Surprise! Your mom is pregnant! Love David." He's awesome.

knitnzu said...

I get that way about these things sometimes. Ugh. Aren't they supposed to make our lives EASIER??? Not change and upgrade every 3 months or less so that our fancy pants hi tech whatever that it took us a whole month to get up and running and have some idea of how to use it is already like a vaccuum tube radio, good only as furniture or techno kitch art. Hope it works out well, your headache goes away, and you have a nice glass of wine and relax or something similar.

Chris said...

Why are wireless networks such a PAIN to set up?! Ugh. I got mine working, mostly, although I still have to go out to Micro$oft's site to download a bunch of wireless patches that they don't include in their automatic updates so I can get my other computer on the network...