Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Tippa Tuesday:

Buy a swift and ball-winder. Today!

My Blogless Rachel and I went halvsies on a ball-winder and swift from JoAnn.com. You can get the Sunday paper, and use your 40% off coupons to buy them (they are not available at the stores)! We got an excellent wooden swift and a big ball winder for about $75 total with S/H. That's a steal!

They are currently on sale now at JoAnn.com but Rachel says there's something you can do to make them off-sale so you can use your coupons.

We had a couple of drinks and some ball-winding madness last nite! Forgot my camera, so no pic's sorry.

Playing with balls, Ruth!

heh, heh, playing with balls. I'm a geek.


kmkat said...

I love my ball winder. Dropped hints about a swift for a full six months before my b'day but no joy. 40% off, you say? Hmmm...

Throws Like A Girl said...

Hee hee. Ball winders rule! I know I immediately wound everything I could find in my stash, like a big dork. Heh.

Yarnhog said...

My two favorite toys! At least they are when I can pry them out of my son's hot little hands.