Monday, August 20, 2007

Bonus Post

I was the first commenter (commentor?) on the Yarn Harlot today!

Only knitters would know how stupidly cool that feels!

Feelin' Stupidly Cool, Ruth!

P. S. Spell check says, "commenter".


knitnzu said...

You are SO cool! (and do I get a bit of that by being your first on this post???)

Yarnhog said...

Was it just chance, or were you stalking her? The one time I was first (that is to say, there were zero comments when I started typing), 12 people got in before me. You've got to be very fast or very lucky to get in first, I think. Usually I'm number 12,493, and I don't bother leaving a comment, because who's going to read that far down, anyway? I do love the Harlot, but I much prefer commenting on the little corner blogs to the IKEA-esque sort, anyway.

Danielle said...

That does make you feel cool when it happens!

uberstrickenfrau said...

I went and had a little looky and you had your chance to leave a ten page letter to become her new BBF! I wonder too how long it must take her read all those comments she gets, does she like scroll the 1st 20 and then figure its all been said? I'm with Yarnhog, I like steph, but I'd rather have a give and take with people.