Friday, January 2, 2009

Swap Swag

How 'bout we start the New Year with some yarn pron?

I'm in the Secret Pal 13 Swap. This is my first time in SP and I gotta say, I was gettin' nervous. Y'all know how I love a good swap and I've been terribly active over at Swap-bot for a little over a year now. I've been getting stiffed over at Swap-bot lately and I'm pretty much done with it. But I always hear (and see) such great things about SP swaps that I thought I'd give it a shot. My upstream partner had been communicating really well but I was starting to wonder if I had a big talker who was actually going to stiff me (happens a lot on Swap-bot).

I worry no more. I got my first package and it's so good it makes my head spin!

I got STR!

This is the Valkyrie colorway and I can't stop petting it.

There was also this fantastic sock bag...

See the skulls?

The new Yarn Harlot book and cool post card...

Some devilish, pirate ducky DPN holders...

A Fall Goodies bag from The Knitting Philistine!
That's the Philistine's notions bag, a tin of lip balm, a fantastic smelling soap and a little garden gnome - awesome!

Best. Stitch. Markers. EVER!
Sorry, but I couldn't get a shot of these unblurred. That's a treasure chest, a hello kitty pirate, a jolly roger flag and a wee dagger.
How great is this package???!!!
Then some friends and I did a little swappy between us and Sam drew my name.
She put everything in this cardboard wine tube (great for holding your average length straight needles!)...
You should see all the stuff she crammed in there!
Fantastic little robot notions bag.

Beautiful tiny stitch markers!

I adore this address book she included! I love old movies with a passion I can't begin to describe. Each letter of the alphabet has a replica of a movie poster and on the other side of the movie poster page is the description of the movie (some are pretty funny without meaning to be - hah!). So cool!

And, of course, there was yarn! Sparkly, sparkly, yarn mmmmm.....

Persuasion from Tempted Yarns
(There may have also been some chocolates but they were devoured so quickly, I can hardly remember...)

Hope my year goes as well as the last one ended, Ruth!
P. S. Hope your new year goes well too!
P.P.S. Here's a couple more for you (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Anonymous said...

Great swag indeed!

Sam said...

Wahooooo. Glad you like! Happy New Year! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

That stitch marker is awesome!!! Happy New Year!!!

Nell said...

What a great package!!!! Yay for not getting stiffed!!!

Heide said...

What lovely gifts! I hope you get to start off 2009 the right way with lots of knitting.

Yvonne said...

Holy hell that's a helluva package!!!