Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year

I love making resolutions in the New Year.

Here's the resolutions I made last year. I did pretty well with them except the parts about our house - still a pathetic mess.

Here we go for this year....

1. Get the clutter under control.
This year, we're getting the kids involved. They are going to start doing chores and getting an allowance. Hell, that's the only real reason to have kids - dusting, back rubs and you get to buy little tiny shoes for awhile.

2. Exercise 3 days a week.
That's one day less then last year but I didn't stick to it last year, so I thought I'd make it a bit more reasonable this time around.

3. Floss more.

4. Write more.
And not just on the blog. Does anyone else miss actual handwriting? I love to use cursive writing - feel the pen in my hand and watching the words flow onto the page. Also, Dave wanted to start a weight-loss blog for the two of us to write on and it's morphing into a regular blog. It's not out there yet, just in our heads but should be up and going by the end of the week. I'll let y'all know...

Honestly, I'm having a bit of a tough time coming up with resolutions this year. Plain ones anyway. I have plenty of yarn- and book-related ones and I'll blog about those in the next few days. I'm pretty content with things for the first time in I don't know how long! Yes, I can stand to lose a pound or 20 and to eat better, move more, holler at the kids less, etc. But overall - quite happy!

Content just to be, Ruth!


pigbook1 said...

Those look like great resolutions. I love the idea of a weightloss blog with someone else. my husband won't help with me (or his) weightloss so I can't get him in on such a project, but when you start yours I would love to read!

Donna said...

Those resolutions are awesome. If you want an exercise partner, I'm available.

Anonymous said...

My cursive is horrendous. Being allowed to type in Jr. High was a big deal for me. And it makes my hand cramp. and then I couldn't knit. And that would be tragic.

Nell said...

Those are totally doable goals! We can focus on no clutter together!

Sam said...

They sound like great resolutions to me. I'm with you on the de-clutter and exercise ones for sure. Here's to a good healthy start to '09!

Sam said...

ps - I also love the floss more resolution. I was watching 'Ghost town' yesterday on the flight back. The one with Ricky Gervais as a dentist. Anyway it made me giggle when he advised one of his patients to floss only those teeth you want to keep! Good advice ;o)