Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Class Notes

I'm cleaning off my desk and came across some notes I seem to have written during my time in massage school. I went through massage school in '97/'98 so why these notes are on my business desk is as much a mystery to me as it is to you.

Another case documenting my pack-rattiness.

Anyway, I can only guess I'm keeping it because the stuff on the paper is kinda cool. Or maybe just that it seems to be a better example of my print writing. (The stuff btw [ ] are written symbols but I don't know how to put that stuff here, so I've written what the symbols are. The phrase btw * * is someone else's handwriting.)

Here's everything that's on this page...

Knowledge [sign for "does not equal"] awareness
Knowledge & awareness

5 universal symbols for religion
[circle] [square, possibly a rectangle] [triangle] [plus sign] [swirl]

Another evening of worship at the altar of the groin
*That's where my breath stops!* (Morality)

graffito - graffiti plural

In 60's drug-taking to experience; expand the mind
Now - drug-abuse to escape

The 1st thing a person says is just throat-clearing.

Everything changes except the soul.

(Back of page...)

When the 5 senses and the mind are still, and reason itself rests in silence, then begins the path supreme. This calm steadiness of the senses is called yoga. Be watchful because yoga comes and goes.
-- Katha Upanishad --

The 4 yogas (margas: paths)

1. Inane - path of knowledge
2. Karma - path of selfless work/action
3. Bhakti - path of devotion
4. Raja - path of psychophysical experiments

The 4 stages of Life (Rhythms of life)

1. Brahmacharya - student
2. Grihasthya - householder
3. Vanaprasthya - hermit
4. Sannyasim - wandering mendicant (beggar)

The 1st 1/2 of my life is text,
The 2nd 1/2 of my life is commentary.

That's it. I know, I know - random much? Judging by the notes on the back of the page, I'm thinking this was done during my yoga class with the amazing woman who ended up being my therapist. As you can see from the front of the page, random things come to my mind and I write them down. Of course, if you've read this blog for any amount of time, you already know that.

Writing down the commentary, Ruth!


Anonymous said...

"The first thing a person says is throat-clearing." Heh. DH says that when someone talks, everything before the "but" is filler, what comes after is what the person really thinks.

Anonymous said...

One of the best years of my life attending DIHA. I have so many good memories. Some of them are even of you. Phhhpt!

Sincerely - Theory Parker