Friday, January 30, 2009

C is for Cocoa

I'm in the Cocoa Swap. It's very exciting for me as I love swapping and I adore hot chocolate!

Last week, we were supposed to write our favorite cocoa recipe. I didn't do it as I don't have one. I had a friend make me some of that fantastic Abuelita cocoa one time - the kind with the actual chocolate chunks you melt and it's all chocolatey and cinnamony and delicious.

I usually use the best powder stuff I can afford and add a shot or two of some powdered creamer (hazelnut is a current favorite).

This week we're supposed to write about what we like in our cocoa. The whole marshmellows vs. whipped cream debate. I'm a whipped cream girl. If there's marshmellows, they have to be tiny enough where I can't bite them in two. Big mellows are too hard to wrestle around with. But whipped cream. I loves me some whipped cream! Especially if it's fresh. Cool whip's fine too. I can't abide the pressurized can stuff.

Here's why....
When I was single, I used to buy a frozen pie every now and then. I'd cook it up and have a piece everyday for breakfast for about a week. If I got pumpkin, I'd buy cool whip to go on it, otherwise it's vanilla ice cream a la mode! I bought a can the pressurized stuff for some reason instead of my usual beloved cool whip. That can was in my fridge for a week after the pie was gone and every now and then, I'd put it in my mouth and have a shot. One day I did that mouthful of whip thing and promptly threw up in the sink. Expecting a mouthful of delicious whipped cream, I ended up with a mouthful of moldy whipped cream. The stuff I spit in the sink was almost solid green. The can said it was a month before it's expiration date. I still can't eat the stuff. It even makes me nauseous to watch others eat it.

Now with that lovely image in your minds, how do y'all like your hot chocolate?

Makin' myself a cup, Ruth!


Anonymous said...

I have a similar reaction to Cool Whip, although without your originating cause. It just tastes like chemicals and Styrofoam to me. But real hot chocolate? Yum.

Nell said...

And... I'm off the canned stuff forever too. YUCK!!!!