Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Kid's A Star!

I totally forgot to tell you...

On January 4th (This Sunday) on ABC, my younger boy (D2) will be in the background of a clip on America's Funniest Home Videos! It's a preschool graduation where a lovely little special-needs boy named Aidan steals the show.

I've tried to prepare D2, letting him know we may or may not be able to see him, considering camera angles and possible editing. Aidan's family contacted me about a month ago about signing wavers so D2's face could be seen on national television. I readily signed off and I really hope they win!

Even in the background, he's a Star to me, Ruth!

ETA: kmkat, you're right! Here's some pic's of him.


sophanne said...

I'll work on my manipulation skills to see if I can get the remote in my hands on Sunday night- fat chance- but sometimes he goes to funniest videos anyway!

Anonymous said...

If I remembered what D2 looked like (hint, hint!) I would point him out to my family when the show is on. But still, a star in the Ruth family! Yay!

Nell said...

Ahhh.... A star is born/discovered!!

sophanne said...

Way to go D2! You were awesome!

Mr. SOphanne came downstairs and changed it to football just after the clip. Perfect Timing!