Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sock me? Sock You!

So I heard this FABULOUS tale for defeating "second sock angst". (Keep in mind that I have not, as of yet, learned to knit socks) This tip may just be an urban legend but I love it anyway!

I heard a tale of two dear friends who enjoy knitting socks. They figured out a way to each get a pair but only knit a sock once. Here's how:

"Amy" knits one sock of, say, Broadripple. "Brenda" knits one of , say, Jaywalker. Then Amy knits one sock of Jaywalker and Brenda knits the other Broadripple. Two socks, two pairs, no boredom!

Alright, so obvious (but overcome-able) problems:

1. Gauge - different knitters have different gauges. - So you fiddle with needles to get the same gauge, same as any other project.
2. This will only work for friends with similarly sized feet. - Well, true. Wouldn't be quite fair for me (with my size 9's) to trade with a tiny foot girl. But something could be worked out in advance (maybe the sock plus a scarf?).
3. What if they both want Broadripple? - Then they'd both knit two socks for themselves. (duh) But maybe in two different colorways.
4. None of my friends knit socks. - Perfect opporunity to teach someone and share the love (obsession).

Pretty cool, no?

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