Thursday, April 19, 2007

Slog 'N Suckin'

But in a good way!

Here's a pic of the "NeverEnding Blanket" so far. I keep meaning to join Mason-Dixon's slogalong and will probably do so after this post.

I started out just wanting to make a throw blanket to sit with on the couch. But with two small, yet growing boys and a husband who's 6'1"....

Dave thinks it should be able to cover all of us at the same time and by the time I'm done, it'll be able to cover the house. As of now it measures about 55" X 68". I am 62" tall.

I only had one skein of the really dark green (lower right square) and it seems to be a discontinued color (of course) so I'm going to try a new color. A dark grey. I'm going to put that along the bottom edge of the blanket as it's pic'ed above. The whole skein. Then, after the grey, another skein of the color on the left. Then more dark grey as a border. I should be finished sometime around my 80th b'day. (In case you missed it, I turned 37 last Friday. Presents still welcome!)

Fiber snobs, turn away for a minute...

The whole thing's done in Lion Brand Homespun.

OK, you can turn back now.

I was able to photograph it on the floor because I was able to use my birthday present before hand...

It's a Hoover Mach 5 All-Terrain. With a name like that, is it a jet, is it an SUV, who can tell? Now don't be mad at the boyfriend, this present was my idea. I actually got $ in a card from the in-laws and this is what I chose to spend half of it on!

Our old vacuum broke before we moved, last November! We've been so broke from buying the business and moving to CO, and the house in Tucson not selling till Apr 2, and..... blah, blah, blah. My friend and crochet-along buddy, Rachel has taken pity on us and brought her vacuum over about once a month. It's pathetic and sad, I know. Even worse, it's gross! Especially when your carpet changes colors after you vacuum. I am a LOUSY housekeeper and that grosses even me out!

Anyway, I highly recommend this vacuum, if you're currently shopping one. It's got lots of cool features (14' hose, instant retraction 28' cord, lifetime filter, bottom release dirt cup, the list goes on) and it's supposedly better then the Dyson at a fraction of the cost.

Happily Sloggin' Along, Ruth!

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