Monday, April 2, 2007

Of Chicken Legs and Rabid Dogs

OK, seriously people. WTF?

I'll give y'all the minor stuff first.

We went to Costco yesterday to do our weekly shopping. We'd had an exhaustive day, stopping at 4 places already and buying two bikes for the little guys. We decided to buy a delicious rotisserie chicken for dinner and Costco's are the best. It was almost closing time and there were only two left. Well... almost two. One was missing a chicken leg! Someone popped open the plastic container, helped themselves to a leg and closed it back up! Did no one see this happening?

So that opens up the question - if you saw it would you do something? I totally would. I wouldn't go tattle on the person but I would make sure they knew they were seen. I'd probably just say, "Nice, very nice." if I saw them eating it. If I saw them actually in the act of pulling the leg off, it'd be more like, "Seriously, what are you doing??"

Now on to the serious stuff...

Dave told me about this sad state of affairs. There's this woman with 5 kids and she offered up her 7 yr. old daughter for pornographic pic's and sex. Luckily for the girl, the woman was offering it to an undercover agent. Actually shows up at the hotel with the girl and a bag of sex toys and different outfits. The article, if you can stomach it, is here.

Of course, she's pleading not guilty. And she may only get 20 years for this. As an officer, I would have to take the woman into the street and put a bullet in her head for all to see. Same as you would to a rabid dog. I wouldn't make a very good cop.

My friend and I were talking a couple of years ago about the sheer amount of pedophiles these days. Was it always like that? Are we just talking about it more? Has this replaced, "If it bleeds, it leads" in the news? My theory is this: Statistically, a pedophile will get to 30 kids before they are caught the first time. Almost all pedophiles say they were messed with themselves at some point in there lives. So, out of those 30 kids, say 3 take the same wrong path. Alright, now, mathematically where you had only one, now you have 4. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am no mathematician but that's my theory.

Another statistic is that when these pathetic wastes of DNA do jail time and are let out, that's when they start killing. Leave no witness kind of thing. And there is no cure, people. They never stop. So my other theory is... never let them out. Even better, let's expand our death penalty. Swing that needle 'round. Rabid dogs I tell you.

Thanks for listening, friends. We will resume our lighter fare tomorrow.

I remain, Ruth!

Update: My SIL just sent me this website so you can check your area. It's here.

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