Friday, April 20, 2007

More Bad Dogs

I talked about a different kind of bad animal here. While that kind of animal enrages me, the type of animal I'm talking about today merely annoys me. A lot.

I'm a firm believer that there are no bad dogs, just lazy, irresponsible owners. Occasionally, you'll find a dog that's ruined before you get her. The only thing you can do at that point is give it lots of love and keep it away from small children and anything that's going to set off it's triggers.

My neighbor has little dogs. Little yappy dogs. Little incessantly, won't-shut-the-hell-up dogs. Seriously, what the hell. This morning, they were going off at 5 am.

Usually, dog barking doesn't even bother me. In my old neighborhood, in Tucson, we had a veritable dog chorus. They were, for the most part, big dogs. Maybe that's the difference. Also, it was actually a good thing - people who had lived in that neighborhood since it was built 20 years ago say there's never been a robbery. They attribute it to all the watchdogs. Our own dog, Maggie, was a 90 pound, embarrassingly harmless Rottweiler. Maggs wasn't allowed to bark at nite and if she did it was something we needed to check out (like the time we had a 4' rattler in our back yard - a story for another day).

These dogs next door (and there are 3 of them) have no rules. This year was the first time I was able to watch the Superbowl in 7 years (I used to work every Sunday at the spa). Those dogs were put outside where they proceeded to bark for 2 hours straight. No joke. 2 hours, non-stop with the owners home and doing nothing about it. That's just thoughtless and rude.

Normally, I'd say something to these people but they are fairly nice women and since we only have a lease that's up in Nov. .... why bother.

Question of the day - Should I say/do something? What would you do?

Gritting my teeth, Ruth!

P.S. T just came downstairs with his toy keyboard. It's the kind with a bunch of pre-programmed music. The tune he was playing has a sort of smooth jazz feel to it and he asked, "Is it a date song?" I said, "Kinda". A date song? What 5 year old talks like that? He cracks me up!


Rachel said...

Check this out...

Parker Police recommend that you speak with your neighbor first.

Gauss said...

Of course you should say something to the neighbors. Letting their dogs bark like that is very rude. Try putting it nicely, though, as in... "I've read of this great method for teaching your dogs not to bark all the time". Good luck!