Monday, April 9, 2007


"Last night, I cast on for yet another project. Have you ever pulled just enough yarn and placed your slipknot just perfectly so that you only have to cast on once? Not too short, not a 3 foot long tail (too long). This happens rarely with me and since I'm a bit anal, if it ain't just so, I'll recast. And recast. And recast. Well, last night - 200 stitch cast on and I NAILED it! I looked at Dave and said, "I am the greatest mediocre knitter ever!" He looked back and said, "Maybe. Or are you just the slacker of the really elite knitters." (Have I mentioned that, yes, I married this man?) He's so damn quick-witted that he sometimes gets an arm punch. It's like the Pulitzer Prize only with slightly more bruising."

That entry is from my former attempt at a blog, dated 4/30/06. Tomorrow, on Tippa Tuesday, I'll teach y'all a way to cast on where it's the perfect amount of yarn every time. Tracy, the guru, taught it to me and it changed my life! At least, my knitting life!

I remain, Ruth!


Anonymous said...

Nice blog! Can't wait to learn the secret of the perfect cast on. I always cast on multiple times myself, but usually it's because I think of a better way to do it after I'm about 10 rows in. Sigh.

uberstrickenfrau said...

You are soooo lucky to see Steph- that was a great post about it, but I am still envious....Thanks for being in my little contest and your b-day is Friday the 13th??! Yikes! Make it super fab! I'll be a-comin around to your blog more often!