Wednesday, April 4, 2007

3 Days!

I've been hesitant to post any pics of yarn. I wanted something really worthy to be the first. Here it is.

This is Jade Sapphire 2ply cashmere/silk in Lagoon color. See in the bottom picture how the skeins are bound together? I'm designing something special with this yarn and I had about 3" done and didn't like it and am starting over.

This yarn is to die for! It's "expensive" at $34 a skein. I put that in quotes because it's sheerly a psychological thing. There's 400 yards per skein. That's $8.50 per 100 yards. Tell me you haven't paid that or more for a skein. And it's cashmere and silk. Delicious!

I have set that lovely yarn aside to work on my crochetalong I have going with my friend Rachel.

We are both making the Unseamly sweater from The Happy Hooker. I'm using some GGH Samoa (50% cotton/50% acrylic) in a brick color. She's using some KnitPicks Shine in a light blue color.
So far, she's kicking my ass. But I did get this much done in just 3 days! Well, technically four. Either way, it always surprises me how much faster crochet is then knit. On Friday, I did the initial chain and first row but it was twisted. I pulled it out and did it again. Twisted again. On Saturday, Rachel and I met for lunch and a browse thru an art/fine craft show in town. At lunch, she fixed my twist and I was off. She only had her swatch done at the time but now, she's way ahead of me. That's what happens when you have project monogamy. She just don't know yet!
I have so many things on needles now! With the exception of a surprise I'm making for a friend and re-casting on of the Jade Sapphire, I'm going to crank away on this sweater. OK, the moderne blanket, too. And Trev's blanket. Damn! I can't even be project monogamous in my thoughts!
I remain, Ruth!

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