Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More Sockfoolery

"OK, more urban-legends-turned-tippa's:

I hear tale of a technique where one can knit two socks at the same time and like magic, when you're done, you pull one sock out of the other! Now, Tracy (knitter/teacher extraordinaire) claims this is a real pain in the ass and has something to do with knit one, slip one, something, something, something. She says that if you knit when you should slip, you've knit the two socks together and ruined the whole show. I say:Why not knit two different color socks? You don't skip second sock angst but you end up with two pairs!

Again, I give this tip with the utmost optimism since I, as of yet, haven't learned to knit socks!

Good news, though! I just bought one pair of size one addi's and some sock yarn. Next week, I'll buy the other size 1 addi's and get my first sock lesson! (It's a matter of coupons, people.)"

The above entry is brought to you by my old blog 6/6/06. I had the lesson, it didn't go too well. Not Tracy's fault, mine. Since I wrote this, knitty.com (one of my favorite knitmags!) did
an article about the sock-in-sock technique. Wonder if this technique could work for sleeves knit in the round? Why not? You try it first and let me know how it goes.

I still haven't tried to knit any socks yet but am looking forward to my first pattern from the Sockamania knitalong I joined. I should be getting it May 1st.

I got this deliciousness in the mail last week:

It's Fearless Fibers sock yarn from Etsy (Shades of Teal colorway). It's soft and beautiful and it even smells good! (Yes, I smelled it. Don't judge.)

I'm going to try a mini sock pattern this week with waste yarn. Just to get the feel of it.

Here's your knitting sighting for the week.

I read a lot of kids books. Every nite, for 10-20 min. at story time! A lot of them have knitting hidden here and there in them. Here's a couple...

The Awful Aardvarks Go To School - this is an alphabet book, these types of books almost always have knitting in there somewhere. Usually around the letter K.
Sophie's Masterpiece - this is a lovely book. Beautiful illustrations, lovely story.
Harold's Fairy Tale - this is the second in the Harold and the Purple Crayon series. Harold has his adventures and ends up back at home next to his mother who is knitting in the comfy chair.

Knittin' and Readin', Ruth!


Chris said...

Mmmmm - that yarn is so sheeny and shimmery! Silk? Tencel?

uberstrickenfrau said...

I always loved 'Cloudy with a chance of meatballs' The Illustrations are sooooo cool. The sequel is out now too, but I don't recall the name. I like that yarn too!

Susan said...

I lurv your yarn. Beautiful!