Sunday, April 29, 2007

Birthday Party Tantrums

The boys went to a birthday party yesterday at a place called Pump It Up. It's a jumpy castle place. They have giant inflated slides and jumpy castles and obstacles courses. If you ever go to one of these places kick off your shoes and enjoy! So much fun!

Unfortunately, the party was at a time of day when Davie's usually napping. They had a game with GIANT boxing gloves and padded helmets. He threw his first crying fit because his thumb wouldn't go into the giant thumb space. (Anal much?) He only cries like this when he's really tired.

The second fit came when the birthday kids (twins - boy and girl) were opening their presents. Davis kept going to the present table and trying to score something. I saw he was crying and asked him why. "They're not giving me any presents!" I explained to him that it wasn't his birthday. He cried back, "But. But. But, I ate some cake!!!"

He's only 3. And he's really good at it.

He'll be 4 on May 4th. We will appease the child then!

Getting him some more cake soon, Ruth!


Nell said...

I know it probably wasn't fun at the time. But the comment about getting presents because he had cake is too cute!

Hopefully you're having a calmer afternoon today.

Chris said...

The cake comment is priceless!