Friday, June 29, 2007

Apparently, I ROCK!

Yarnhog nominated me as a Rockin' blogger! She rocks!

(SHIT!! This is supposed to be a button. Why can't I figure this crap out! It's not rocket science, right??)

You're supposed to name 5 blogs you love. She already named a couple I was thinking of and there are so many I love it's hard to choose, but here goes...

Stumbling Over Chaos - I met Chris and she's as cool in person as she is online. Also, she and her contest postings have been the main pipeline to most of the blogs I currently read (and I've won a couple of the contests!)

Throws Like A Girl - Like Chris, completely as cool in person! And she was kind enough to give my contest a shoutout during a podcast she was a guest on.

Knitiot Savant - Seriously, one of the coolest names for a blog. Ever! And her amazing attitude in the face of adversity (and flooding, traitorous dishwashers) was the epitome of class. I want to be her when I grow up.

KnitNZu - She and I have had some exceptional and commiseratory (OK, not really a word) email conversations. And she seems to work in an old and creeeeepy asylum! I'm jealous!

Tammy Knits - More intelligent and open email conversations, even though we have some opposing views. But then, turns out, maybe not so opposing after all!

Uberstrickenfrau - Cracks. Me. UP!!

The Panopticon - OK, he's not technically a girl, but Dolores seems to have as much control over that blog as he does. Another one that's just too funny!

The Yarn Harlot - We all know she's the queen of rocking, but wouldn't want her to be the pretty girl who doesn't get asked out!

OK, so I can't count. Sue me. There's, like, 50 others I want to nominate! Not fair.

Now for a song...

If you're knitting stumped and you know it,

Go Crochet (clap, clap)

If you're knitting blocked and you know it,

Go Crochet (clap, clap)

If you're knitting is all stalled,

Go Crochet a kitchen cotton ball

If you're knitting's halted and you know it

Go Crochet (hook, hook)

(This is the bath mat from One Skein. I'm making it to replace the disgusting, unwashable rug that's currently in front of our kitchen sink. Seriously, it's so gross, I won't even show you a picture of it. I'm using Lion Brand Cotton)

OK, one last random thing. A woman just bought some yarn from my shop and she emailed to tell me she uses it in her "art knitting". Her site is here and the knitting is the third button on the right. But check out all her stuff, it's really cool! (How many times can one say, "cool" in a single post without being stoned for banality?)

Off to, Ruth!


uberstrickenfrau said...

Thats right, YOU DO ROCK!!!!!!!
Thanks for *picking* me( bats eyes)
I gotta find somebody to tag!!!And the cro*****thing, shudder. The rug is looking good but I took a vow of celebrity never to touch that stuff. Ok, I fell off the wagon ONCE but I repented and now flying stright.

Susan said...

Thanks for the shout out! You made my day!

Romi said...

You *totally* rock! :D

knitnzu said...

Hey Thanks! And, you DO rock! I can crochet just a chain. Not much good for building anything! But I have been thinking about ripping up some old t shirts and knitting them into a bath mat. (I got the button to work! but I can't get sidebar buttons...anyhow...I 'saved it as' from her web page, but it only let me save it as a html doc. Then I saved THAT as a jpeg.)

Yarnhog said...

Aw crap. I just got "Love on the Rocks" out of my head.

Uh...your problems with the button are probably my fault. See, I couldn't get it to work, either, so I saved it as a picture and posted it, and, well... Try copying it as an image (or go find a blog that got named and has an owner more blog-savvy than I am and copy hers). Sorry.

sophanne said...


I didn't take all of my 5 people so the universe will remain in balance.

I just realize that uber pretended that crochet was a bad word.

I had to save the button and then add it as a picture as well.

Chris said...

Saving the button and adding it as a picture is the key - and that's totally the right way to do it. :)

And thank you!! :)

Chris said...

And congrats, d'oh! To fast with the return key...

Tammy said...

I'm honored and humbled to rock! Thanks. Funny about the crochet... I just ordered a book the other day so I could learn to do more than a single chain.