Monday, June 11, 2007

3 vs. 300 = 5"

Don't you just love yarn math? On Friday, I was whizzing along on the Nightie. It only took me 3 minutes to get to the end of the row on the front piece. Of course, at the end, I had a wrong stitch something going on. The mistake was at the beginning of the row. It took me 300 minutes to tink the row. OK, it was more like 90 but it felt like 300. That 90 minutes included putting the boys to bed and lots of muttered cursing.

I was 3" into the 5" needed for the bottom lacy bits. I figured I'd crank out the other two inches over the weekend and show y'all today. It's amazing how little knitting gets done when one has a job to go to! I didn't do anything at all on it this weekend. BUT, I've been lazing around all morning (using the rest of the exaggerated 300 minutes) to finish the 5" just so you, my dear friends can see the finished 5". (My wrists hate me.)

Here's the injury my finger sustains every time I knit too long with this slippery cotton.

But that groove keeps the tension even!

Now for Massage Monday:
Another stretch. Remember, take these into a stretch, not into pain.
Last week, we put the right hand under the outside of the right thigh, palm up. This week, same thing only on the inner thigh. Your thigh is going to be the weight keeping your hand stationary. Pull your elbow up and out to the imaginary corner of the room. You should feel the stretch in the rhomboids. Pulling to the imaginary corner stretches the main belly of that muscle. After you stretch and hold for 7-10 seconds, now pull the elbow forward for 7 seconds, then straight out to the side to stretch the different fibers of the muscle. Remember, keep your shoulder down and relaxed. Breathe.

Rinse and repeat on the other side. Feels good!

What are you all still doing here??? The summer issue of knitty is up!

Looking for something new to cast on. Again. Ruth!


Yarnhog said...

I automatically looked at my finger when I saw the picture of yours, and guess what? I have a perma-groove in my left forefinger (I tension with my left hand). I guess knitting really is "in my bones". Ha!
The lace looks lovely, by the way. I'm looking forward to progress pictures.

Nell said...

I have a knitting callous. That's when I figured I was hard core. HAHA!

When I knit my sister some legwarmers with a yarn that bled, there were very distinct color lines. I figure at least I'm consistent.

The_Add_Knitter said...

Yes, I am also sporting a permanent indentation--lovely!!