Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tasty Links

Chris over at Stumbling Over Chaos always has the line on blog contests.

Trek is having a contest to gather ideas for summer activities for kids. Her goal is 145 comments for one post - help her out!

The Mother's Day Project - check it out. It's not at all commercial like it sounds and I've joined, so should you!

Speaking of Mother's Day Projects. I'm putting everything aside (shocker) to crank out a shawl for my mom. Her husband of almost 20 years just died last Friday. He's been buying time from cancer for two years. I will post details of what I'm making later, she sometimes reads this.

Also, the new Magknits is up. Very cute sweater there! They usually have a new issue every month but skipped April for some reason. Also, the surprise at knitty is up.

My other favorite place to go for free knitting patterns is and the garnstudio site.

Favorite free crochet patterns here. Favorite crochet e-zine here.

Another free e-zine that's craft-oriented and just cool is here.


Susan said...

Thanks for the heads up on Magknits. I never remember to check that one out!

Faith! said...

Thanks for the links! I always forget about magknits too, even though it's pretty neat most of the time

Chris said...

Thanks for the shout out. My thoughts are with your mom. :(