Thursday, May 17, 2007

An FO and a UFO (sorta)

We'll start with the FO.
Sorry for the crappy photos. My mom wanted me to make her a shawl and she wanted one that was triangular and black. sigh.
The pattern is free and available here. I used Homespun because it's warm without being too heavy and she can just toss it in the wash. The color is black but the edge is dark, dark grey. I'd made a scarf for her husband a couple of months ago. I mailed it, but to their old address so it got sent back. Then he went into hospice and died shortly thereafter. I decided to frog the scarf and used some of the yarn for the edging. That way she can wrap a piece of him around her whenever she wants.
On to the UFO. Or the Enterprise. I got a couple of emails and one phone call about my #8 random thing yesterday. It was about William Shatner. Here's the thing...
I had a really unstable childhood. My mom's a multiple marry-er (only one at a time, of course). I had three different guys I was told to call Dad by the time I was six. I watched a lot of TV (then and now) and my brother and I always loved Star Trek. I'm not a Trekkie, I can't give you too much trivia or anything but I still dig the show.
Captain Kirk was always so cool and handsome and funny and compassionate. The show started in 1973 and they played reruns a lot. So I was watching it a lot as a little kid. I always wanted Kirk to be my dad. Or my husband. I wasn't sure which. When you're six you don't really understand the difference between those concepts (my four year old just the other day asked if he could marry me!). It's not in a weird or creepy way, you just don't understand yet.
I still think Shatner is cool. He has no problem laughing at himself or playing the fool. He's a total nut in Boston Legal and we love that show! He's still a man I'd love to meet someday!
So laugh or ponder my sanity if you will, but I stand by my phaser-totin' man!
Beaming up, Ruth!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Shatner is COOL. I use to have a crush on him in the( dare I say it?) the 70's. His acting is so over the top that I get the biggest kick outta watching him.I even read his autobiography, actually, I read everyone who wrote one on Star Trek, I'm a Trekkie and PROUD of it!( fist pumping into air
please don't use my name!

uberstrickenfrau said...

Ahhhh, just kidden about the name thing!HAHA

Susan said...

The shawl is great! My Mom wants a shawl but I just haven't found a pattern I like. I think the link you provided will do the trick!

I haven't forgotten you tagged me, just been super busy here. I'll get to it soon!

Yarnhog said...

In response to your comment on my blog, if you love Jade Sapphire, you might want to check out They have it on sale (I think it's $28), and they just got their own line of the same thing straight from the mill for less than $15 for a 400 yard skein. They only have it in natural, but if you like that, or want to dye your own, it's a great deal!