Wednesday, January 13, 2010

D is for Dead

You may or may not remember but xmas before last I made these ribbed slippers for all the men in my family (both large and small).

I did a little finagling on the toes of the boys' slippers so I could remove and replace them easily as little feet grew. Turns out, it wasn't an issue.

After just a few days, the boys were pulling what they called "slipper snot" out of the slippers and after about two months, Dave and the boys had large holes in the heels of their slippers.

Seems I shouldn't have used alpaca for something that was going to be walked on and I ended up with 3 pairs of Dead Slippers.

Dave still wears his. I threw out the ones I made for T and D2. I keep trying to throw Dave's out but he won't let me. They have these HUGE holes in the heels but he says they still keep his feet warm. I've got some leftover alpaca from making his so I'm going to make patches for the holes and probably give them a go through the washing machine to felt them a little (they were a bit large anyway).

I'm going to make more for the boys. Or so I plan. It's been a year since the untimely demise of their first set and I've yet to settle on an appropriate yarn. I was going to buy the Big Wool it calls for in the pattern (actually Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky Handdyes - pretty much the same thing) but I'm afraid they'll end up the same as the alpaca - holes felted right through.

I'm thinking I'm just going to go Berroco Comfort. It's cheap, it's in a range of colors and it's really soft, nice... acrylic. I don't have a problem using acrylic for these slippers. They won't felt holes into themselves and I can throw them in the washer/dryer for cleaning! The only thing I am worried about is if they'll be warm enough. I'll have to double the Comfort to get the bulky gauge so I think it'll be OK.

Any suggestions?

Y'all know how I love a good rib, Ruth!

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